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Diaspo Village - Une nouvelle conception de communauté en plein coeur de Petite Rivière

February 28, 2014

Oh! G —— where are all the Kool and the G?

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Gran Neg Nan Plante "Wine" for all your Celebrations!!!

Gran Neg Nan Plante "Wine" for all your Celebrations!!!

Believe it or not in the PRA— Hood we finally had found an Ace!

Someone sent me the most needed tool to relax!

I have to tell you truly!

I am going to sing really this time

“I woke up in a New Bugatti” / Ace Hood in Charite

So let us all have a drink to that!!

Call please at 609-331-7158 and order the “G”!

He He! I can read your mind G=Grog

Why not “Guildive” So what language you want?

It is simply Wine from GNNP not Gold!!

February 27, 2014

Taking the time to Congratulate!

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A reel fighter!!!

So proud of you baby

Not afraid to start over

When you feel the going down

You go back to the values

What’s matter, what’s important

What’s you feel

And remind all of us

That you will stay on track

Until Victory

So today I just have one song for you

With Drake of Course!

“Take a shot for me”

Une liste de donateurs nous est deja parvenue

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While you are still thinking: Will this Ambulance end up being the link for Carrefour Peye to PRA so what? did you think about your donation? Yes it will be the link for all that need transportation to and from the hospital but not for you to go visit Crete a Pierrot. If you are out of breath after going up the hill they may then call the Ambulance since you fail to exercise before your visit; so stop running your mind wild! Give up the Do and stop me from singing in your ears.

Bravo to the ones that understand me early! too bad so sad I am happy and thank you! However we need at least 100 good Samaritans at 50 dollars or 200 at 25dollars minimum for the Transport and Education of at least 4 workers.

Here is the list :

1. Marc-André Guillaume $100.00
2. Pierre Amazan $  50.00
3. Wilfrid Pierre-Gilles $  50.00
4. Hugo Louis $  50.00
5. Germain Fabius $  50.00
6. Péralte Gabriel $  50.00

7.Ghislaine Polinice $50.00

8.Donata Domond(50 dollars)

9.Hedye Masse      (50 dollars)

10.Claire Guillaume(50 dollars)

February 22, 2014

Petite Riviere needs a boost!

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This Ambulance may drive her up a little since part of her attraction is a slowly well organized care system. They are trying hard for so long in PRA and as I told you before with your 40 gourdes you have your consultation along with some well needed medicine. So let us keep driving her up in that Ambulance

“Don’t wake me up”(Chris Brown) until you find your way to help us. I am already asking Ekko without Rihanna to come and :”Stay” and really to all the John’s and Legend’s this is the only place you may find me singing “All of me”(John Legend) and retired!!! What’s about you??? You’re welcome Beyoncé ” Who run the World”? Because that Ambulance is more than vital!!

February 20, 2014

More than ever we need that Ambulance!

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What do you think? What is stopping you from participate to the Fundraising and donate what you can? For all of us going back and forth we understand the need very well and for you always afraid to go because in case of emergency how they will bring you back to the airport? This is it! We need to make the 1st step for a reel change. We need you and you need this for your peace of mind when traveling. In Petite Riviere Artibonite we learn to appreciate and participate in all the efforts for a better tomorrow! So already we Thank you for your donations!!!

February 9, 2014

Ambulance for Petite Riviere Artibonite!

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Please click on the word(ambulance2 by the ambulance for the letter from ARENY)

The Power of Positive Thinking at its best!

When I saw these paintings in Acdart I did not stop thinking about the powerful message behind the two: The lady in the”Brancard” Pregnant and the four people carrying her. It was also along with the Lady giving birth! What did you think? here is the following! We need you to make it happen all the way to PRA!!!

More messages will be sent to you but in the meantime!

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One may think about all the countrie's flag carrying our mother land but me on that day I feel the reality context of a need for Ambulance and think of it!!!

One may think about all the flags carrying our mother land but me on that day I feel the reality and the need for Ambulance and think deeply of it!!!

So look closely at the paintings on Acdart Walls! Sorry for the problem on this site lately!!

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