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Diaspo Village - Une nouvelle conception de communauté en plein coeur de Petite Rivière

June 26, 2013

Taking the time to acknowledge Champions!

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1-Mss. Hedye C. Masse!

You are a true fighter! Congratulations and God bless!

2-Congratulations Mr. Roger Exinord Edouard (Bachelor in Sociology)

June 25, 2013

These two words! “Thank You”

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Mean always the world!

Please visit this:


and can’t wait for next year!!!

In the meantime just take few minutes to acknowledge the Champions around you fighting the game of Life!!!!

June 21, 2013

Well done!

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With a “White Hot/ Mercury” what did you expect. Only true ones can resist such look in the mirror and come out singing

“We are the Champions” of 2013

The others unfortunately will have to wait for next year “In Paradisum” with Sarah Brightman

The Cheerleader told you so with !

Nobody does it better under such Pressure!!!

Congratulations to the Champs!! and to the true believers that kept the Hope Alive(JJ)!!!

June 20, 2013


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This is the day the Higher Power consecrate Champions!

Let us rejoice, be glad and send the good energy !

All the way to the end keep the Spirit alive!!

Go Heat!!————— White Hot!!

June 19, 2013

The fight of Champions!

Filed under: General — arpo @ 4:15 pm

Miami Heat top San Antonio Spurs, force Finals Game 7

from “USA Today”

Are you ready for Ecclesiastes this morning?

Filed under: General — arpo @ 2:05 pm

Chapter 3

“To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven” and so on to number 22!

Today I take the time to cool off because I refused to have a “Heat” Stroke!!! So today with or without sun I have to transpose my wave to the water before refueling the energy for tomorrow!

To All my “Heat white hot fans” even if you may not go just visualize and cool today!

What' a Beauty!!!

What' a Beauty!!!

Come and join the fun before tomorrow! Go Heat!!!

Come and join the fun before tomorrow! Go Heat!!!

Fort Lauderdale A1A/ Sunrise Beach!

Fort Lauderdale A1A/ Sunrise Beach!

June 18, 2013

Nobody does it better!

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“Hope has a place”(Enya) and it is Home!

A cool 3 digit is regular in Miami

To join in the Heat Wave Spirit

And “nobody does it better”

We love the pressure cooker

Since after all South Beach is right there

With “Caribbean Queen”(Billy Ocean) and flipper

To keep singing”Caribbean Blue” with Enya

And you to keep on repeating:I am your Champion

In the meantime please find yourself the Hammer

“Can’t Touch this”

This is Ho o o o o o o me Bab

And I am “White Hot” all the way

No San Tequila voir Antonio to bless me

Just bring on 3 drops of Barbancourt or Bacardi!

Thank you very much

Party over here, Party over there with Pots and Pans

Eh Eh do not forget:”Rara Lakay”, this how we do it!

“Go Heat”———–”White Hot”

June 16, 2013

Happy Father’s Day!

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Special for you!

Special for you!

First of all we have to call on Yolanda Adams and say:

“Thank you” to the Greatest Father of all

Through Him we had found

“The Power of Love/ Love Power” by Luther Vandross

With His Grace and Mercy lonely Birds are always protected

And in Him we carry through like Whitney Houston the”Greatest Love of all”

While singing with Mariah Carey the”Vision of Love” finally becomes reality

“Thanks for my Child”(forgot the songwriter and singer’s name)

Happy Father’s Day !!!

It is your day to enjoy, be pampered and feel true Power

But we may still have to call on Gracia and Ritchie to sing:

“Papa” to those that need it

We love you all!

We love you all!

June 13, 2013

Miami/ So Flo/ Wake up!!!

Filed under: General — arpo @ 2:24 pm

It is a Sunny Morning and enough time to get the energy needed to radiate Heat. The Trinity needs us with all the warmth to shake that bad vibe from San Antonio, Where is “The Miami Sound Machine”. They need to sing with them:”Feeling Hot Hot” and warm up their legs because they will need it no time to “refroidir” or pray to St Antoine they need to keep focusing on that win and practicing the move while saying that “Unity Prayer”.

So: “Go Heat”

June 12, 2013

Who gave to my friends some du “The Corosol”

Filed under: General — arpo @ 10:45 am

We have to find the antidote before Thursday. This was painful man! I did not sleep! That does not mean we do not love them anymore. This time we call on not only the Trinity but also all the Saints like the Bird, the Pointers and the Guard with some prayers.

Oh! someone whispers: The cinnamon sticks, annis, ginger tea with three drops of Barbancourt not only 3 etoiles but 5 etoiles and everything will be back with the Holy Spirit in a New York minute/ Miami time!!!

We are alive and well until the rooster sings 4 times and we the eagle will close his b before!!!

Are you with me??? Let’s go Heat!!!

June 9, 2013

Where are all my cheerleaders out there? The Heat is on! Watch out!!!

Filed under: General — arpo @ 9:02 pm

Small or big, young or old this is our Team the Miami Heat and we will support them all the way. No pain no gain my friends so on our knees we will watch the next 3 games and pray we make it back home with a solid win. In the meantime let me share with you some crazy fan pictures!

At the AA Arena Heat Game 2013

At the AA Arena Heat Game 2013

Just guess who Miss Bibi's eyes fires up for?

Just guess who Miss Bibi's eyes fired up for?

Mss Aubrie and Heat tickets

Mss Bibi and Heat tickets

I am finally on vacation!

So she is saying: I am finally on vacation!

She even carries the number proudly!

She even carries the number proudly!

So i sing Celebration with"Kool and the Gang"

So i dance "Celebration" with"Kool and the Gang"

Let me put on my best attire!

Let me put on my best attire!

Are you all readyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! Because the Heat is on!!! Tonight 8.00pm sharp! Be there and send the energy!!!

Rivartibonitians in the Diaspora!

Filed under: General — arpo @ 5:17 am

I have to take the time to really thank the brother of my best friend Michelle Aubin that left us since the 1990. Yes Fritzgerald took the time to make me live once again the memories of Petite Riviere Artibonite and from “les Fantaisistes” to our friends we talk for 2 hours or more. We have these kids born outside of Haiti and we never go back with them so the tie with “la Terre Patrie” could continue. They are Doctors, lawyers, nurses, plumbers, cashiers, Chefs, Bankers, Engineers, social workers, case managers, secretaries businessman ect you name it but even they may want to volunteer, work in Haiti to create that better tomorrow they may find a lot of difficulties on the way to make it happen. We had retraced in the past the Preval’s more or less so now let us present to you the Aubin’s of Petite Riviere now living in Washington DC. Mr Michel Aubin was the Town “Prefect” and had 4-6 children with Claire Grand Pierre his wife. One of them Michelle Aubin was my best best friend and I will never forget the way she make me understand life and its ups and downs and how to cope with them!!! In Petite Riviere we really valued education and that is may be why we were all well adjusted from the start— open minded—diversified—tolerant with respect for each other.

Here are some pictures of few members of the Aubin’s Family

FritzGerald Aubin tres tres grand Guitariste

Les enfants de Fritzgerald Aubin et Jean Aubin leur oncle

Les enfants de Fritzgerald Aubin et Jean Aubin leur oncle

Les deux filles de Michelle Aubin a Washington

Les deux filles de Michelle Aubin a Washington

Note that one member of this family is one of Hotel owner in Atlanta, Virginia area at a very young age! Helas! they never visited Haiti! voir Petite Riviere Artibonite!!!

Haiti- Spain!

Filed under: General — arpo @ 12:12 am

How much did we send Spain Home with?

We need the latest news! I could not make it

Too bad and my friend did not answer to relay pictures

Here the reel news!

Soccer-Spain hold on for friendly win over Haiti

from Google

June 8, 2013

Dissecting the Heat Wave in a dream with Flo Rida!

Filed under: General — arpo @ 11:18 pm

We took the “Dive” not only with Usher but we call on Bright man

From the deep end we came out with Rihanna (feat Future)

“Loveeeeeee Song” and we tell it to Justin Bieber no matter what

“As long as you love me” we do not want it to

“Neva End” in the Future

Just help me “Trust and Believe” like Keyshia Cole

And not sing  for the Trophies only with Franck Ocean “Thinkin Bout you”

Please “Don’t Judge me” Chris Brown

After all my friends do you know who I am still holding tightly?

For a “2nd Round” with Usher: LeBron and the Bird

I must be passed out crazy it is the 4th Round!!!Oh!

And I ask you to please: “Stay” like Rihanna

June 7, 2013

Ils croient en une Haiti meilleure!

Filed under: General — arpo @ 4:31 pm

Ils etaient tres attentifs au paroles du Dr Domond Lherisson!

Ils etaient tres attentifs aux paroles du Dr Domond Lherisson!

C’etaient de gauche a droite: Dr Domond Lherisson(OBGyn), Dr Partick Ulysse(Health System Management and Policy) Departement Artibonite/ Haiti and  Mr Frantz Telfort(Economiste/ Emission de radio 1580AM-Miami Florida-9.00am-10,00am)

Par la suite vous saurez le but de cette rencontre/ temps opportun.

Force des Champions!!!

Filed under: General — arpo @ 1:17 pm

On reconnait les vrais champions quand ils peuvent se relever apres avoir ete vivement battus. Alors ou trouvent ils cette force pour se relever et dans quelle condition?

1-Condition primordiale est de se sentir “valables, aimes” sur un point precis tres important pour ces champions.(Love)

2-Definir ce qui est en quelque sorte “important” (but precis–purpose de ce fight)(Hope)

3-”Stategists” de 1ere classe en preparant le plan pour y arriver ils visualisent et retiennent bien les etapes point par point parfois en tandem—Teamwork—(Faith)

4-Croire son Createur fortement et la possibilite de gagner puisqu’on est cree pour vaincre sur tout—et les champions savent comment puiser sur cette force innee quand c’est necessaire— puisqu;ils sont conditionnes pour gagner seulement (avec amour, persistance, perseverance, consistence, positivite)

Alors genetic n’est pas seulement l’ingredient necessaire!!! L’environment doit etre tres supportif dans les bons comme dans les mauvais jours et les critiques constructives!!!

June 5, 2013

Congratulations to Mrs. Lucie Tondreau!

Filed under: General — arpo @ 1:32 pm

from the Miami Herald

1st Black woman Mayor of the City of North Miami / great activist for the Haitian Community for the longest time she just spent some time in Haiti defending the rights of the Diaspora and its place in the Development of Haiti.

Well done and may the Divine Guidance continues!


June 4, 2013

Did you ever imagine the gene you carry?

Filed under: General — arpo @ 5:50 pm

Son or grandsons of an artist, daughter or grand daughter of a Banker, or a Volley Ball Player, a track and field champion,— a true football player/ defense, an accountant, a business woman, a strategist one of the best in a war— even with a royal blood line. You could have read for this person at that time that he or she was the greatest of all time! So is this enough for you to be the same? What did you do with that gene? Did you try to surpass that inheritance and perfect it even more?

Once my child surprised me in an angry mood and say: Remember I am your product! And we sat down and talk about the issue but I realized that it was truly right so we laugh it off.

So my question is: Is that Gene enough? How much you have to work to prove it? Is it showing as a second nature or else? And if you are in that category you should ask yourself what did you do about what you carry? Did you become a snob or a humble trying to find the true soul of life accepting criticism and do your best?

But only through the awareness of the Higher One , you may go in life and experience it the right way. So in the end How Champions are made and how they do not loose the reel sense of Life lie only in the hands of our Creator that gave us this gene as a gift. So carry it well my friends for his own Glory!!!

Athletics, Beaux ou Belle with Genial Gene keep the Energy flowing for a better tomorrow!

June 3, 2013

Memories!!! of a Beautiful Morning!!!

Filed under: General — arpo @ 2:51 pm

Butterfly passing from vibrant cocoon to celestial moon!

Traveling on that wavy road for eternity with dolphins!

Keeping you company and enjoying with you the smell of roses!

We salute you! and wave you Good Bye!

Knowing that you will always be in our hearts!!

Vue de la “Venise des Ameriques”/ Gondole!

Pensant a ce lointain paraissant si proche "Energie Vibrante" qui continue!!

Pensant a ce lointain paraissant si proche "Energie Vibrante" qui continue!!

"La Mer" de Sarah-- BrightMan

"La Mer" de Sarah-- BrightMan

June 1, 2013

We need more positive images of Haiti!

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Thank you for sharing the news of Abaka Bay. Haiti is a paradise in all aspects that we do not value enough and let others— remind us of our own jewels. Let us get back to our senses and the rest is again History since that economic Independence is what is really missing. We are hard workers and we are from a place still truly unknown(even by us) since all is still “poor/us” but what we make of it through our continued actions will make the difference for us!!!

So let us keep on singing: “Nous te voulons Chere Patrie—Puissante et Forte a tous les yeux”

God gives us strength to keep working at that no matter turtle-pace we will get there!

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