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Diaspo Village - Une nouvelle conception de communauté en plein coeur de Petite Rivière

June 29, 2012

July 2012

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We wish to relax over the Lake L. and no Santa Maria Madre de Dios will stop that trip “en Gondole” with a flute in hand. Should we just have on the other hand green tea mixed with linden and some mint because after the 1st drink we may keep on dreaming about fireworks. Too much fun. Hope to be also in that Ballot Oh Ye! E  Lee? I just saw Lee at St Peter’s giving thanks with my own eyes. Can you feel the breeze of that Lake cooling us down in July 1982 What a Joy! A child is born with all fireworks outside!!!! Cheers!

June 27, 2012

Euro 2012

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La Famille de Mr Eddy Preval veut partager avec toute la Petite Riviere ces memoires!

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Cérémonie le samedi 30 Juin à 9 heures du matin à l’Église St. John’s Church, 2254 Massachusset’s Avenue, North Cambrige MA

Envoyez vos condoléances et votre chaude energie a la famille

Levy :

Josette :

Carl :

“Click” sur la photo 2 fois et ce sera plus lisible

Merci bien a tous1

June 24, 2012

Euro 2012!

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Man the stress is too high with that England - Italy:  0-0

I lost my friend in the meantime!!!

Did you by any chance see my friend in Kiev or Trou du Nord?

Please let me know!!!

Kiev - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Final Score: Italy 4 -England:2

Trou du Nord Resources

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After all Haiti is always portrayed as the poorest of everything. Should Trou du Nord be the answer to take us out of that Abyss? All that will depend on the good utilization of the resources and the fairness repartition of the wealth to the Haitian People.

St John the Baptist please where ever you are pray for the Haitian people so that they may be washed of all the Stigmas and may God in all his Mercy touch the Hearts so they may find in themselves ways to do good with your gifts and use it for your Glory!!!

Amen!!! Alleluia!!!


Musique News and Fet Chanpet!

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Today is Magnum Band Anniversary and after the Performance in Port au Prince last night the band will be in Trou du Nord tonight June 24th, 2012. In fact who is Magnum Band and what is so great about this group so visit the Magnum band site and learn more.

Magnum Band - fansofmagnum

Listen also

Haitian Jazz: Magnum Band - ou la la - YouTube

Happy Anniversary and many more years of Success! We love you!!!

June 24—La St Jean!

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Fetee au


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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Twou dinò
—  Municipality
Trou-du-Nord is located in Haiti


Location in Haiti

Coordinates: 19°38′0″N 72°1′0″WCoordinates: 19°38′0″N 72°1′0″W
Country Flag of Haiti.svg Haiti
Department Nord-Est
Arrondissement Trou-du-Nord
Elevation 36 m (118 ft)
Population (7 August 2003)[1]
• Total 37,405

Trou-du-Nord (Creole: Twou dinò) is a municipality in the Trou-du-Nord Arrondissement, in the Nord-Est Department of Haiti. It has 37,405 inhabitants”

Other places celebrating are France and Quebec Canada

La Fête de la St-Jean

June 23, 2012

N’oubliez pas Euro 2012!

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Spain France 1-0 toujours a 4.00pm

Parlons de Notre Culture!

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Fet Chanpet!

Ca commencera demain au Trou du Nord dans le Nord Est d’Haiti avec la St Jean jusqu’en Decembre avec Immaculee. Toutes les localites, villes en Haiti celebrent leur St Patron some grandiosement comme Trou du Nord, Bas Limbe Borgne, Plaine du Nord, Grande Riviere du Nord, Ouanaminthe, Cap Haitien, St Louis du Nord, Jeremie, les Cayes, Acul du Nord ou Verrettes,Petite Riviere de l’Artibonite, ou Milot pour ne citer que quelques.

C’est en somme le retour au pays, la rencontre, les rendez vous, les baptemes, les remerciements les fianciailles ou marriages, les conversions en somme, catholiques ou protestantes on achete les petites chaises pour souvenir pour faire qui sait quoi? sans oublier nos baleines do you feel me?

Alors mes amis are you ready????????????? Vous le savez deja de pres ou de loin j’y serai. Et apres avoir prie qui sera la 1ere dans:

Orchestre Tropicana d’Haiti Randevou Chanpet - YouTube


“Feeling Champetre”

et de fete en fete nous chercherons le moyen de survivre jusqu’a l’annee prochaine voila en somme la realite!

Since some showing an interest ask what is “Creole Jazz”?

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Please review this article(sorry it is in French):

Explorer le créole jazz

June 22, 2012

This is the result of the Team Spirit!!!

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Congratulations Heat— NBA Champions of 2012(Basketball USA)!!!

We Thank you and Love you!

June 20, 2012

Heat Wave!!!

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Associated with that Euro 2012(Soccer) the Feeling Hot Hot Hot of Miami makes me pass out ! Man too much fun and not enough sleep we want to get it over with. So be there mind body spirit and soul this is Heat this Thursday! We will just call Freddy Mercury to sing OK see you next time my friends!!!

Tropical Depression or not we are up Sorry! No rain can cool us down!!! Party over here— party over there:

“The Heat is on” Standing, Sitting, Falling, Hooping they are good man hey where are my ladies can’t touch this!!! Finally I may have some sleep after Thursday!!!

Maestro Musique Please!

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I would like for you to follow closely what is happening in that area. Not long ago we had an article about Creole Jazz in Haiti and many great musicians are going to the source to help us understand the roots of that movement. As a learner and a lover of that Haitian Culture I am all eyes, ear drums and understanding to follow their every move and hope in the future we may have a direct link to their site and “exploits”

In the meantime for anyone traveling or in Haiti go to:

June 18, 2012

Condoleances a la Famille Preval!

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Nous annoncons la nouvelle de la mort de Mr Eddy Preval survenu a Boston la semaine derniere a l’age de 66 ans. A toute sa famille nous presentons nos sinceres condoleances. A son petit frere Mr Michel Levy Preval(membre de Corpra) nous envoyons nos sympathies et Dieu dans toute sa bonte supportera la Famille dans cette rude epreuve. La Famille de la Petite Riviere de l’Artibonite vous envoie toute l’energie necessaire dans ces difficiles moments!!!

Paix a l’ame du defunt!!!

La fin de nos vacances!

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Pour finir avec ces vacances du Nord au Sud de la Floride en passant de l’Ouest a l’Est let us continue en photos:

Ma famille de Jeremie

Bibi’s Graduation from Kinder garden to 1st Grade

Miss Bibi inviting anyone to come and enjoy the North Hollywood Beach on Sheridan Street(Floride)

June 17, 2012

Bonne Fete a tous les Peres! Happy Father’s Day!

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May the Lord protect you always and give you the strength to keep on supporting your Family!

Many Blessings and lot of Love!!!

June 16, 2012

Month of June, 2012!

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A workshop by CORPRA was scheduled for this month and had to be postponed. More info will follow!

Nouvelle de ASR!

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ASR ou Association Sportive Rivartibonitienne (Soccer Team) a recu les cadeaux venant de la Diaspora Rivartibonitienne!

Oui nous avions pu reussir a les accumuler et les envoyer a l’equipe ASR de la Petite Riviere Artibonite Dimanche dernier par le Depute Venex Cyrius. Des jeux d’equipements(comme 18 maillots, 20 paires de bas, 6 protégé / tibia accompagnes de 16 paires de chaussures(ils ont besoin de 30) commenceront a faire l’a.

Alors ces Flamingos Noirs seront bien Flambants Neufs a leur prochaine Victorieuse Rencontre de pres ou de loin nous continuerons a les epauler pour la releve de ce sport dans la Region.

June 5, 2012

Et alors que se passe-t-il cette semaine a Marseille?

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Allons a:

June 2, 2012

On the road again!

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We wanted to enjoy the drive this time on I-75 all the way back to Ft Lauderdale. On the way we stopped at North Port /Fort Meyers in the West Coast of Florida after enjoying this breathtaking view from Bradenton to Punta Gorda. My friend visiting from New York needs this break and from music to scenery I know it is effective that is why the destination was: Warm Mineral Spring of Fl. While we cannot go to “Sources Chaudes” we have to make do with WMS of Fl.

Here are the views at the Spring!

For more info go to:

Warm Mineral Springs – The Fountain of Youth | The Original

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