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Diaspo Village - Une nouvelle conception de communauté en plein coeur de Petite Rivière

December 30, 2011

A to Z you will be missed!!!

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Ed Lozama Live » Blog Archive » Eric Cadet aka A to Z is dead

“Que sa Volonte soit faite”!

Popular HMI Promoter Erick Cadet aka A2Z Dies |

Art and Wine Promenade today Friday December 30, 2011!

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Happy 2012

Northwood Village West Palm Beach Florida 33047

Early Celebration 6pm-9pm

Red, White and Sparkling will flow

Designated Driver a must

Be Safe!

Please visit :

December 29, 2011

After early Celebration in Northwood tomorrow!

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Economic Freedom is the wish!

We have the human resource

We have the talent

We have the space

So what are we waiting for?

One God, One Love and may this energy flow!

Be strong and healthy and the money will follow

Happy 2012!!!

Who should we call to celebrate!!!

No Barikad please we are prepare to rock you not with Rokfam!! Just be a Disip!

All good thing comes to an end–even 2011

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Come and celebrate at the Art and Wine Promenade this Friday at North wood Village!!

Happy 2012

We will be there!!!

December 27, 2011

If you are visiting South Florida for the Holidays!

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Take a stroll in West Palm Beach and have lunch in Northwood Village or simply visit the beautiful beaches from Key West to Miami to Fort Lauderdale to Delray to West Palm and take in some fresh air to clear your mind body and soul for this New Year 2012 because ready or not here it is!!! Happy New Year!!!

So for all the sweets needed:you need to pick up

In Broward if you want good Haitian patties go to: Tasty Bakery on 441–the taste is what brings back memory of home but they could have put a little more meat. The address is: 61 South State Road 7 Plantation, Florida 33317–Phone:954-316-6636′ Need to pick up.

Note that we are not paid to recommand you these places We did a tour on our own over the Holidays and want to share the fidings with you. However for this year we will soon talk to you about some of CORPRA’s perspectives. Our judgement is based on-cleanliness taste and customer service!

December 25, 2011

Thank you Santa!

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He delivers the Toys at Abundant Life his helper  for the kids at St Francis Xavier an orphenage in Petite Riviere Artibonite. The arrival in that town will be a little late but in the meantime there is hope. A reminder also that if you want to donate money to the St Francis Xavier or to La Main Divine in Port au Prince please send by Western Union to Cenat Esperandieu or Marise Arthur your donation.

Let us see in pictures the gifts from Santa so next year I may be nice also to receive some more gifts and who knows maybe for all the kids in Petite Riviere Artibonite and why not Haiti where some of them never had a gift at Christmas!!!

Joyeux Noel!

December 24, 2011

His busiest Night!!!

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Yes He will listen to all your Wishes in any language!!!

From All over the World His Love shine through his Ultimate Gift to all of us!

Oh He loves us the same!

Joyeux Noel! Feliz Navidad! Merry Christmas to all!!!

December 23, 2011

Santa is Finally here at Abundant Life!

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For those that register

The address for pickup is

The Miramar Ex. Center Building

3600 South State Road 7 (441) Miramr, FL 33023

When we call you for pickup please enter on the North Side and go the call box and dial Suite #207, please wait until we call you.

Another Christmas Tradition in Haiti!

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Midnight Mass and all the Nice Songs like:

“Minuit Chretien or Silent Night”

We keep the same in my Family and we enjoy the choir before the Mass(Florida).

Another thing to love was the patties very hot after the mass and a hot chocolate(the real cocoa)

I know some places for patties in Broward and West Palm and will give you the addresses

Merry Christmas!

Wishing a Merry Christmas to all!

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From Mr Michel Levy Preval (Les artistes de reminiscences)

December 22, 2011

Another Christmas Tradition!Do not miss it!

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Anyone with more info about that Traditional Reveillon please forward!

December 20, 2011

Happy Holidays!From CORPRA

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We had made it to the end of 2011by the grace of God who created us with unlimited talents that help us cope or survive and we are very grateful about that. Along the way we find friends that support us on that rocky road and we thank them and wish all the blessings to them for this New Year! May the love of God radiate through all of you on that Christmas time: We are all connected through that energy: His Love no matter where we are or from!!!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!

A reminder of our Christmas Tradition in Haiti!

“A fanal is a traditional Haitian Christmas lantern, usually made of paper and cardboard in the shape of a
house, although many samples are found made in the shape of a ship, a bird, or other shapes.
Traditionally, many Haitians would spend months in the design and construction of the fanal, usually
made of cardboard, with areas cut out in dots or entirely removed, so that when backed by jewel-toned
paper, when the candle was inserted, it would glow whether placed in the window, or when the people
paraded through the darkened streets on Christmas Eve, their lanterns lending a warm and charming
As in many other aspects of Haitian culture, the fanal is a mixture of African holiday and Christian holiday

traditions. In West Africa in late December, lantern festivals were held in Senegambia and Sierra Leone.
This practice has found a revival in the Miami area, where many Haitian people live”.

Haiti’s fanal lights are a sign of the holidays | McClatchy

Please visit!!!

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A Report from last Haiti Reconstruction Forum in Miami on December 8, 2011

December 19, 2011

Abundant Life Message to all that register for Toys!

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 Please hang in there just one or two days for pickup date and time.

Thanks for your patience.

The address for pickup is

The Miramar Ex. Center Building

3600 South State Road 7 (441) Miramr, FL 33023

When we call you for pickup please enter on the North Side and go the call box and dial Suite #207, please wait until we call you.




December 17, 2011

Nos Efforts a CORPRA entrepris par un Nouveau Membre Mr Guetry Louis!

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Il est aussi de Savien et chaque annee depuis un bon bout de tepms ils entreprennent a l’Ecole Nationale de Savien une fete pour tous les gens de la localite. Alors ajoute a cela Mr Louis a voulu bien envoyer aussi des jouets pour les enfants qui seront a la fete. Le depute un membre important de cette initiative sera aussi a cette fete. Alors en une semaine nous avions pu reunir a Corpra par le biais de 3 personnes de Memorial Regional Hospital des jouets pour enfin envoyer une boite ce vendredi 16 Decembre 2011. On nous a assure que ce sera fait pour la fete de Janvier les enfants auront les jouets.

Un merci special a Mme Marie Philippe. Mme Elsie Joseph, Mme Tatlin Mcclain, et Mme A. B de Staffing Office. Ces enfants auront un grand sourire et nous esperons choisir l’annee prochaine une autre localite aussi.

En voici quelques photos!




Nouvelles de la Petite Riviere Artibonite!

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Depuis Savien, localite de la Commune de Petite Riviere Artibonite situee entre Carrefour Peye et Carrefour la Ville dans la 1ere Section, le Depute Mr Venex Cyrius s’est excuse de la rencontre qui n’a pas eu lieu le dimanche 11 Decembre 2011.Il veut par contre vous rassurer que le processus vers l’Electrification de la Petite Riviere/ Bourg continue. Il a entre temps entrepris des demarches aupres du Directeur a St Marc Mr Alix Clervaud qui lui a refere au Directeur General a Port au Prince Mr Gary Valdemar. Ce dernier lui a promis les Etudes techniques necessaires a la bonne marche de cette aventure et lui a affirme: “Ce sera le cadeau de Noel” de la Petite Riviere Artibonite——Alors chantons ensemble :

“Peuple a genoux attendons la Delivrance” Noel, Noel voici le redempteur!!!

Puisque la Renaissance de ce coin oublie ne se fera pas sans l’electricite! Toutes les lueurs d’espoir sont bienvenues tel que: Visite de nos monuments historiques—-Etudes techniques—–Societe des Investisseurs/ Agriculture projet—-Cosora/ Areny(finances) Fontaine sur la Place—–Corpra demarches depuis la Floride pour la Creation de Pearl Village/ Ferme agricole a Charite—-Demarche de Sorabe depuis Montreal pour la proposition de Gestion de l’Electricite apres son installation—-Acdart maintenant la survie et l’espoir des jeunes a Petite Riviere—Mr Cenat Esperandieu ajoutant aux efforts pour ne pas avoir nos enfants dans les rues sans nourriture ou education(St Francis Xavier Orphelinat)

Enfin nous apportons toutes nos ressources pour la survie et la Renaissance de ce coin si cher a nos memoires!

Merci Mr le Depute qui souhaite bien a tous un Joyeux Noel depuis Savien!!! et nous vous envoyons tous nos voeux pour cette Nouvelle Annee!

Ce week end a Broward County Florida!

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Cette semaine a Marseille!

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Please copy and paste!

Last week end before Christmas!

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Take a tour at the Hennevelt’s Gallery in Northwood Village, West Palm Beach Fl. Many that went to the  Clematis by night on Thursday or to the Art and Antique show last Sunday had already their gifts wrapped and under the tree.. So do not wait last minute for your exotic kind some of them straight from Petite Riviere Artibonite.

Here are few pictures:

Special Thanks to the Gallery owner Mr Freddy Hennevelt, the artist Mr.Schiller Dubellay , Mme Florence Bastien for making last Sunday an enjoyable memorable day. The artist Mr Schiller Dubellay is very well known in the world of Interior Designer in New York and West Palm Beach Fl. His lamps, Trays, Boxes are truly a must have!

Go visit: Hennevelt Gallery 510 Northwood Road West Palm Beach Fl, 33407 Phone:1-561-506-4108

December 13, 2011

Tour de Northwood Village on Sunday December 11, 2011

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Pour cet Art and Antique Show in Northwood Village ca a ete une toute premiere et beaucoup de gens sont venus par ce matin un peu pluvieux supporter ce mouvement. Ainsi plusieurs personalites interessees a la peinture haitienne sont venues a Hennevelt’s Gallery pour apprecier l’ exhibition. Curateur ou proprietaire de galerie d’art haitien venant de New York y etaient aussi. Beaucoup de ces oeuvres seront a la galerie jusqu’au 30 decembre et il n’est pas encore trop tard pour profiter d’en faire un tour.

En attendant faisons ici sur ce site un tour de cette matinee du dimanche 11 decembre, 2011 a Northwood Village ou vous pourriez trouver les artistes de la Petite Riviere Artibonite tel que Mr Errol Louis, Delouis, Jn Louis, Absolu Jn Dodet, Herault Rosier, K leRosier, Edens Rosier, Ismer Saincilus, Larimer Saincilus et sans oublier cet artiste de la Petite Riviere Michel Levy Preval faisant partie du groupe “les artistes de reminiscences” a Montreal Canada. Alors ce show etait aussi une possibilite de representer le lien l’essence , la saveur d’un coin de terre en Haiti ou on apprecie silencieusement le travail de nos artistes, artisants en faisant avec eux le chemin vers ce developpement durable. Finalement les presenter a vous ce monde qui comprend bien que: l’Art et la Culure haitienne sont deja des secteurs importants au changement pour cette meilleure qualite de vie tant souhaitee et esperee si longtemps de tous a ete plus qu’un plaisir!

Merci a Freddy and Nickie Hennevelt qui nous ont sans detour embrasses, supportes!

Supportez nos artistes et aussi Hennevelt’s Gallery en allant acheter sur le si te !

Ca a ete quelques heures avant le show a la preparation!


December 11, 2011

Just few hours before this 1st Art and Antique Fair in Northwood Village!

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December 10, 2011

This week end in Broward!

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1711 North University Drive

Plantation, FL


Sunday December 11, 2011
Starting at 6:00 PM




Unique Creations by Liz | 12th Street | Pembroke Pines | FL | 33029

This week end come to Northwood Village!!

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From 8.30AM to 1.00pm on Sunday December 11, 2011. You may find all your Christmas Gift at a Fair Price!!

Thank you for your visit already at the Hennevelt’s Gallery!

please scroll down to see the latest pictures with the Mayor and the Acdart’s paintings

The painting from Mr Absolu Jean Dodet was the lovely chosen!

Please come and see them!

December 9, 2011

The final day of the Acdart’s paintings at City Hall in West Palm Beach!

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The City Hall of West Palm Beach located at Banyan Avenue in Downtown West Palm is getting ready for the Holidays and the Mayor Jeri Muoio took the time from her busy schedule to take a few pictures beside the art works since they are going back to the Hennevelt’s Gallery in Northwood Village for the Antique Fair on Sunday.

Here are some views

 On behalf of the Acdart’s Artists I can just say Thanks to you and the Hennevelt’s Gallery owners. You just embrace what we are doing with a smile.

Thank you!

December 6, 2011

What is News under the Miami Sun?

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December 5, 2011

Come and meet Petite Riviere Artibonite visual artists through their works!!!

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                                             Come and visit us at the Hennevelt’s Gallery

                                                                    December 11, 2011
                                                                 From 8.30 AM to 1.00pm
                                                                   510 Northwood Village
                                                                West Palm Beach Fl 33470
                                             If more infos needed please call 954-290-6119

December 4, 2011

Noel 2011!

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Ces enfants de St Francis Xavier Orphenage in Petite Riviere esperent un joyeux Noel. Ce sera leur premiere fete de Noel a l’Orphelinat commence en Juillet 2011 par Mr Esperandieu Cenat un membre de CORPRA. Alors envoyez vos donations ou achetez un jouet pour eux. Ces enfants sont moins d’une vingtaine ages de 5 a 14 ans.

De son cote l’Orphelinat la Main Divine de Mme Marise Arthur a Port au Prince prend bien soin de 75 enfants et meme des bebes.

Merci bien pour vos donations et acheminez les —soit a l’adresse de Global Foundation ou a l’adresse de CORPRA.

Ou si vous voulez envoyer directement vos donations a Mr Cenat Esperandieu par Western Union ou a Mme Marise Arthur il n’est pas trop tard!

Merci bien

Unite-Solidarite-Development: la devise de Corpra!!!

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Mon nom est Michel-Lévy Préval. Je suis né à la Petite-Rivière de l’Artibonite le 16 février 1951. J’ai quitté Haïti en 1975 pour aller à New-York et en 1977 je suis venu à Montréal. Depuis 1975 je suis allé en Haïti quatre fois. Depuis le tremblement de terre, j’ai une grosse envie de retourner au pays. Je pense que j’ai assez donné à l’Amérique du nord : il est grand temps que je commence à «donner» à Haïti et spécialement à la Petite-Rivière de l’Artibonite, la petite ville où je suis né. La vie m’a fait rencontrer Mme. Claire Guillaume par qui j’ai été mis en contact avec  la CORPRA (Le hasard n’existe pas dans la vie). Je veux devenir membre de la CORPRA et avoir la possibilité de faire ma part dans l’effort collectif pour développer la Petite-Rivière de l’Artibonite.

Mr Michel Levy Preval,

Tout l’honneur est pour nous a la CORPRA de vous compter parmi un de nos membres.
Nous vous souhaitons simplement la bienvenue et esperons un long parcours ensemble pour le developpement de ce coin tant aime de nous tous!

Tous les membres de CORPRA ainsi que la Petite Riviere vous saluent !!!

December 2, 2011

Fair in Northwood Village!

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Please be there

And meet  “my Fair Lady” at the Square

Where Haitian Art and Flavor Flare

To finally bring you from Antique to Modern

By just buying there

Where else you may find that “ma Chere”?

At Hennevelt’s Gallery

Just after the Bakery

Surprise ! Mon pere , ma Mere

Before or after church for benediction or prayer

510 Northwood Village West Palm Beach Florida

Sunday December 11 from 8.30AM to 1.00PM

Come and buy that Christmas gift at a fair price

For everyone and for yourself right there Mon Frere!!!

BOOK SIGNING THIS SATURDAY!at the African-American Research Library in Fort Lauderdale !!!

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Hello, Friend
Hope you are doing well.
This is a quick email to inform you that Dr. Frantz Delva will
be signing his latest book, The Art of Healthy Eating, at the
African-American Research Library this Saturday.
For additional details, please follow the link below:

Take excellent care of yourself.

As always,

Florence Bastien

P.S. If you will not be in the Fort Lauderdale area on Saturday, you may order the book online
at  Dr. Delva will appreciate your support!

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