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Diaspo Village - Une nouvelle conception de communauté en plein coeur de Petite Rivière

October 29, 2011

Fine Art Workshops coming up at Northwood Village!

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Sign up in the gallery or online

Hennevelt’s Gallery & Gifts at 510 Northwood Rd, West Palm Beach, FL 33407


November and December 2011

Fun Colors, painting for kids with Steve Brouse

Saturday, November 19, 3pm to 4:30pm


Box decorating Haitian Style with Schiller Dubellay

Thursday, December 1





st, 6pm to 8:30pm


Mixed media painting with Anthony Burks

Tuesday, December 6





th, 6pm to 9pm


Fun Colors, painting for kids with Steve Brouse

Saturday, December 10





th, 3pm to 4:30pm


Holiday decorative painting with Ashley Kujan

Tuesday, December 13





th, 6pm to 8:30pm


Holiday painting, acrylic on canvas with Devin Howell

Thursday, December 22





nd, 6pm to 9pm



Sign up in the gallery or online


Steve Brouse has been an artist for nearly 20

years. However, in the past eight years he has

remained focused strictly on his art and has been

passionate about producing more visible public art.

Currently he is a CADRE artist for



The Center Of

Creative Education



in West Palm Beach, FL teaching

after-school art programs throughout Palm Beach




Anthony Burks, a native Floridian, born

December 18, 1967 is one of the most unique

and prolific conceptual of both fine and

commercial artists in America. He works

numerous forms of media including pen & ink,

pastels, watercolor and color pencil.

This Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale graduate has

won many awards and





Schiller Dubellay was born in 1949 in Port-au-

Prince, Haiti He has been painting since 1977,

attended Mrs. Micolo’s Art School and studied

and taught art at the Centre d’Art in Petite

Riviere de L’ Artibonite. He paints colorful jungle

scenes from his imagination on canvasses and

boxes. He also paints decorative murals.


Devin Howell has been painting since her early

childhood. She has received her Bachelor’s degree

in Anthropology and enjoys combining her love

for art and history by painting the historically

significant structures and landscapes found

throughout South Florida. She has a passion for

inspiring others to let go and be creative.


Ashley Kujan has always been an artist; she has been working

professionally for over 25 years and has a BFA from FAU.

Painting is her passion; interior decorative art is her trade. She

has won several awards over the years, displayed her work in

the Boca Raton Museum of Art and the Cornell Museum in

Delray Beach, as well as in several galleries.



October 28, 2011

Link and Transform Communities through Art!!

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While we have Halloween here in the US at the end of October

In Haiti the traditions come for November 1st as Haiti is mostly Catholic: All Saints Day—- and from all life and all religion we reserve in Haiti November 2nd as the Day for the Dead and —visit, clean up our cemetery and bring flowers to the grave of our deceased. Should we say that the Art part comes through Gede—very colorful and festive? If we agree or not with it is up for discussion but this is a reel life observation and how do we feell about it?

Halloween in Northwood Village: Art and Wine Promenade!

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Dear artists,

October is almost over and it’s time for another Art & Wine Promenade at Hennevelt’s Gallery! This

month’s theme is Halloween and there will be lots of candy and a pet costume contest in the street  ,

very scary!


Together with Anthony Burks, Steve Brouse, Schiller Dubellay, Ashley Kujan and Devin Howell we

organized several workshops for November and December. We will promote these during the Promenade  

This month we welcomed four new artists: Sue Hawkins, Sunny Marquez, Bill Benjamin and Anthony

Saluto who are all painters, and the new sculpture from Cheri Mittermaier is in ! Her name is Vacuna,

Goddess of leisure and repose and she lights up the Gallery..


Come and join us, enjoy live music, taste wine and meet artists and art lovers.


Hope to see you this Friday !

Freddy and Nickie,

Hennevelt’s Gallery & Gifts

510 Northwood Rd

West Palm Beach

561 506 4108

October 25, 2011

La ville de Rome n’a pas ete batie en 1 jour!

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Il en est de meme pour tout projet.

On a une vision, on pense, on planifie, on s’associe, on partage ce plan apres l’avoir bati avec d’autres partenaires si on veut bien(qui veut  bien investir argent ou connaissance), on l’implemente et si Dieu nous prete la vie nous pourrions tous l’evaluer ensemble.

Helas! parfois nous voulons bien marcher a grand pas sans faire attention aux blessures imposees au passage.

Cependant l’example de nos artistes a Acdart Center est bien a etudier et a comprendre. Tout en venerant leurs precurseurs qu’ils respectent bien, ils choisissent et etablissent leur propre identite tout en ecoutant les conseils de tout un chacun et apres avoir associe tout ce qu’ils ont appris avec leurs talents, ils vous apportent bien ces chef-d’oeuvres.

Felicitations a vous tous et continuez ce beau travail!

Fritz Darius, Lefort Amizial, Andre Simeus, Florence Bastien merci d’avoir cru en nous. Avec votre investissement en 2009 entre 100 a 250 dollars vous aviez fait un monde de difference avec ces talents pour avoir cru en eux!!! Ils ont eux memes mis: Temps, Argent et Talent!!!

Supportons nos artistes!

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Perches, branches ces oiseaux de Mr. Rosier, H nous regardent.  Tout comme par habitude, plusieurs d’entre nous peuvent passer sans appercevoir leur regard et encore moins la peinture de Mr Rossano Errol Louis ou celle de Mr Delouis Jean Louis ou encore Mr Dejoce Lacoste, Mr. Kedner Jerome, Mr Herault Rosier ou de Mr Absolu, cependant l’estimation de leur travail en dehors de la Petite Riviere Artibonite vous surprendrait un peu. Ca nous etait bien arrive avec Mr Ismael Saincilus et on peut compter seulement d’une main les gens de la Petite Riviere qui possede bien un tableau d’Ismael Saincilus. Alors mes amis appreciez bien chez vous pour pouvoir bien le presenter. Vous avez des talents extraordinaires parmi vous, appreciez les a leur juste valeur et supportez les en achetant au moins une de leurs oeuvres. En voici quelques unes en photo, venez bien de pres les voir et tout sera a la galerie si vous voulez en acheter ce 13 Novembre, 2011 a Northwood Village in West Palm Beach, Florida,33470. En voici quelques toiles!!!


Priez pour nous! avec Errol Louis      et protegez bien ce         Paradis sur Terre(K le Rosier)


Cocoyers en gros ou en detail!  ou encore Mr Delouis Jean Louis reve-t-il a un Palais restaure deja?


Nos flamands roses continuent bien de travailler sans faire de bruit pour assurer la survie(H. Rosier)

Beautiful work!!!

October 23, 2011


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We had been looking for the longest time for an open door to showcase the artists of Petite Riviere Artibonite. Yes it is unusual for a gallery to take the artworks of an artist at its beginning unless he is a Picasso. However the Hennevelt’s Gallery did the contrary. On that September 3rd, 2011 Mr. Freddy Hennevelt and Mrs. Nickie Hennevelt decided to give all the artists from the Acdart Center the chance to be showcase at the 1st Gallery in Northwood Villagein West Palm Beach, Florida.

This has been possible thanks to the 1stvisit at the CORPRA’s office. It was in the 1711, 38 avenue in Lauderhill(Broward-Florida) my 1st time meeting with Mr. Schiller Dubellay an artist of  Petite Riviere Artibonite already on display at the time in the Gallery in West Palm. Schiller artworks are paintings, crafts and items goldly for an interior designer. The second artist valuable in this movement and good consultant is Mr Lefort Amizial, artist from Petite Riviere living in Philadelphia(graphic designer-paintings-designs ect) had been not only an actor in the initial investment to create the Acdart Center but also continued to offer his guidance for the Haitian Art show. He had also been the special link in finding so quickly Mr Michel Levy Preval(Montreal).

Finally all that will not be possible without the striving for survival by creating while translating the beauty-the history all around them—–the artists of Petite Riviere Artibonite by their inlassable effort need to be recognized as valuable link for the development of the region.

Mr. Rossano Errol Louis along with Mr Herold Rozier, Mr Delouis Jean Louis did a “superbe job” by organizing, coordinating and standing strongly for 2 years with the group and we will not have the corner without the special favors of the daughter of the Philome’s: T’titt Soeur and the Rotary Club.

So come, see, support the artists of the Acdart Center at the Hennevelt’s Gallery—-510 Northwood Village in West Palm Beach, Florida on November 13, 2011—- or you may buy via the web at the gallery site. Beside we will take any donation for the Acdart Center if it is what you just want to do. The choice is yours. Come and help:

“Link and Transform communities through Art”


Next story about the Acdart Center is that they also have dance, modeling, crafts, music.

There will be an artshow on November 1stin Petite Riviere Artibonite where the artists will all show their talents. Please go and support them.

Bravo to our young models, they had already attracted foreigners that want to come and see their performances. Other cities in Haiti are also inviting them. Great Job! and keep the Positive Attitude! Le meilleur est au bout du chemin. Be strong and keep looking always higher my beautiful “flamand rose” couleur cafe!!! and Born to succeed!!!

 Thank you for believing and trusting in the Team Effort!!!


October 21, 2011

Let us not forget!

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Eventhough he is part of two Shows in Laval, Mr Michel Levy Preval will expedite right after 4 of his paintings to be also at the Art Show in West Palm Beach.The artist from Montreal wants to accompany the artists of the Acdart Center for the 2nd show.  Hennevelt’s Gallery is already set for this art show and is very happy to receive these artworks. Beside, the greatest news is that the Mayor of the City of West Palm Beach agrees to continue the Exposition of the Haitian Art works for many more days at City Hall.

Then CORPRA is trying ad hopes to bring the Artshow also to Lauderhill if possible!!!

Let us continue to enjoy the works of the Acdart Center that came last week!





Yes PetiteRiviere we will never stop loving you!

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If I may remember the 70’s we had only 1 family Doctor in the town of Petite Riviere Artibonite for our clinic-dispensaire hospital Charles Colimon. His name was Dr Leroy Preval and he had also a pharmacy in town. He was married to the School Principal of the only public school for girls in that small town. They had many sons and one of them was the artist Michel Levy Preval. Yes I say the artist since at a very young age he showed his interest in art and many of his friends at that period still remember him for his talent. With his family support he went on to New York to study Arts and the rest is history. The list is so long for all he had done or participated; we will have soon a page not only for the artists in Petite Riviere but also for him.

For the ones living in Montreal here is an

Invitation for the 2 day Art Shows at :

Pavillon du Boise Papineau

in Laval -Montreal-October 29, 30, 2011 where you may be able to see for yourself the work of many Haitian artists and among them Mr Michel Levy Preval.!!!.

3235, boulevard Saint-Martin Est

Duvernay, Laval (Québec) H7E 5G8.



See you all there~

October 19, 2011

“La cause de la Petite Riviere Artibonite m’appelle” !!!

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“En fait Haiti depuis le tremblement de terre m’appelle avec grande force. J’ai assez donne a l’Amerique du Nord : 36 ans c’est assez”

Un excellent artiste, genial, qui a passe sa vie a etudier et a se faire connaitre a l’exterieur veut bien nous accompagner ce 13 Novembre a West Palm Beach pour la 2eme partie de cet “Art show a Hennevelt’s Gallery”. Il est plus que fier en s’identifiant comme: un artiste de la Petite Riviere Artibonite qui en somme a vu ses debuts, ses dessins et Petite Riviere se rappelle bien de l’ originalite de ses oeuvres.

Mr Michel-Levy Preval nous sommes tres fiers de vous et c’est un honneur d’etre parmi nous a cet Art Show a travers vos oeuvres.

Bientot les fans de CORPRA feront votre connaissance en meme temps que les artistes du Centre d’Acdart puisqu’ils suivent de tres pres ce qui se passe sur le site.

Alors Bienvenue dans CORPRA!

Abundant Life and CORPRA!

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For this Christmas we want to start early and remind you to register at:

then click on services and fill out form that say food for families in need (Toys also)

Go down to the bottom of that page and put kid’s name, parent’s full names, age, sex of the child and contact phone numers

Please submit before November 30, 2011

October 17, 2011

Beside paintings one may find at Acdart Center in PRA

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Many talents are coming out and perform or learn more at the center. Here are some of their artworks and soon one may also find ceramic:


                                       Recyclable Materials: Plastic Bolltle


Wooden artworks                                                              Recyclable bottle mask

October 16, 2011

After so many years of Talk did we finally understand?

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1-Tourisme+Agriculture=Renaissance Economique Vallee Artibonite(Haiti)

2-Art, Culture and History to create the Wealth

3-Link and Transform Communities through Art

CORPRA= The Walk toward Development(PRA) is definitely a stepping stone for the Community Development of Petite Riviere Artibonite

My Kacika may bring all the tools(technology) for that Walk(Florence Bastien) along with Russel Volcy(Corpra Web administrator)


Andre Simeus

will surely find 

the Link through the analysis and synthesis of all your toughts and wishes to make the Dream come true

CORPRA is a Team work effort and thank all the members and its founders and appreciate the trust of the Acdart group(artists)!!!

Save the date!Palm Beach November 13,2011– all Day!

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 Come on this day and see more of the Haitian Art Show in Northwood Village via the Hennevelt’s Gallery and meet the artists of Petite Riviere Artibonite through their paintings.

In the meantime please visit the Hennevelt’s Gallery at:

October 15, 2011

Final Call-Race Plan: Join the D’Limers team for Komen Race for the Cure - This Saturday, October 15, 8am, Downtown Miami, Bayfront Park (Team Tent Location: C-26)

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For the Last Minute D’ Limers: ) It’s not too late:  


We look forward to welcoming you as a part of our team and support network against the impact of breast cancer.  This email outlines the schedule and resources necessary to participate in the Annual Race for the Cure this Saturday, October 15, 2011, 8am.   Please share with any family and friends who wish to join us.  

  • RegistrationIndividual registration is $30  (ends of Friday) and $35 on the Race day. Go to .  We have picked up all registrations made before TODAY, you will have to pick up your packet at the Registration Tent in the morning.  Any registrations made after today – you will have to pickup at TeamFootWorks or on day of at Registration Desk.  

Tent Location: D’ Limers tent location at Bayfront Park is C-26 (go to and PRINT event map

  • Travel/Parking/Transportation:  Street closures will begin at 6:00am.  You may park in municipal parking garages - for locations - go to   You may also consider the Metrorail.   Miami-Dade Transit is offering a special 1-Day Pass, additional rail service, and free parking at Metrorail stations and Park & Ride lots for participants.   The 1-Day pass, which is regularly sold for $5, will be loaded on an EASY Ticket and sold at the discounted rate of $ 2 for event participants. These passes are available as part of online Race registration at or offline registration at TeamFootWorks HQ and will be sold until October 15 or until supplies last.   For more information call 305-666-7223
  • Team Set-up:  Team will gather at tent at 7am sharp for t-shirt, race packet distribution, Breakfast donations setup. Restrooms are available nearby for any change of clothing.  Ladies are encouraged to bring your headpieces from Miami Carnival or past Carnival participation to wear on Race Day.  Our team t-shirt color this year will be “Caribbean Orange” again  Feel free to bring any extra fresh fruit or snacks to share with team partners.  Dress comfortably with walking shoes or sneakers.  Please drink lots of fluids before, during, and after.  
  • Race will begin at 8:00am
  • Race ends at approximately  10-11:00am  
  • After Race:  Team will gather for Caribbean breakfast and survivor celebration with Caribbean music at the team tent (C-26).   

Key Contacts (for any questions) – email – or call:

Marlon Hill - 305-244-4456

Irvine/Giga Headley (Bilmor) - 786-395-3323

Kischa Gallimore (FoxxCreations) - 954-397-3618

Anselm Knight (FCSA) – 786-252-1663

or key friends with your affiliated team partner


Many thanks to D’ Limers partners and supporters:

News from Florida!

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The New CORPRA Office at 3800 Inverrary Blvd Suite 101-E in Lauderhill Florida received the visit today of one of CORPRA members living in Trenton New Jersey(coming from Haiti). On his way back he take the time to visit family and  friends in South Florida.

Talking about “friends” we want to send all our Energy to the Fifi’s Family at the Walk tomorrow at Bayside/ Bayfront Park in Miami. Keep it up!!!




October 14, 2011

This is again from the Friday Report at work by(Z. R.)

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Quote of the Week

Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around.” Felice Leonardo “Leo” Buscaglia, PhD (1924 – 1998; Motivational speaker, writer, educator)

happy to share this with you!

October 13, 2011

Coming to work I just read this!

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“Rewards often do not come from others but within”

and sincerely Lolo(Andre Simeus) you did master that sentence.

 I am very proud to be a member of your family and be so close to know how wise and truly smart you are! CORPRA thank you for all these years you had been guiding and advising us of what is going on in Petite Riviere Artibonite and how we may have a positive impact on these situations. Acdart also thank you.

Love always!

October 11, 2011

Nouvelles de Marseille via: Galerie du Tableau!

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October 8, 2011

More pictures from the Art show in West Palm!

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Mrs. Hennevelt and Mr Ken Kavanagh                Dr Claude Legros and Claire Guillaume


   The food, the wine from the Bistrot     along with      the crowd were “au rendez vous”

October 7, 2011

Voici quelques photos!

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Mr Elija Wooten                                           Mr Michel Levy Preval Painting in the background


Mr and Mrs Hennevelt with Mr Dubellay       A girl and her mother visiting


                                                  Music by artist Edy Auguste

Haitian Art Show last Friday, September 30, 2011!!!

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One week ago we had the Haitian Art Show in West Palm Beach, Florida at Hennevelt’s Gallery with artworks from Petite Riviere Artibonite Haiti—in the Artibonite Valley.

The people of West Palm answered to the call and visited the place along with the Mayor of that City and her staff. The Business Trade Incubator of the City of Lauderhill was represented by Mr. Elija Wooten Economic Development Manager of the City where Corpra, Inc. is part of the Trade Incubator. Music was by the pianist Mr. Edy Auguste.

Thank you to all for that show of support.

Thank you to Dr Claude Legros and his guest. He donated a “Michel Levy Preval painting” to CORPRA and ACDART. The artists of PRA were in the company of two great artists: Mr Michel Levy Preval and Mr Lyonel Laurenceau and Dr Claude Legros was the owner of both paintings

In November comes the second part of this Haitian Art show featuring the artist of Petite Riviere Artibonite Haiti at the Hennevelt’s Gallery 510 West Palm Bach Florida 33407 the date will follow. Please visit and thank you!


Demain sera bien une semaine depuis que nous avions eu a la Galerie Hennevelt –West Palm Beach Florida une Exposition d’Art Haitien / Galerie Hennevelt/ Corpra montrant les oeuvres des artistes de la Petite Riviere Artibonite Haiti—Vallee Artibonite. Les citadins etaient au rendez vous ainsi que la mairesse de cette ville et ses employes. La ville de Lauderhill(Broward County) par ailleurs a ete representee par Mr. Elija Wooten (Economic Development Manager) responsable du programme de Business Trade Incubator et CORPRA, Inc. en fait partie.

Musique ete par Mr Edy Auguste Pianiste.

Merci a tous d’etre venus.

Un merci special au Dr Claude Legros et son invite. Dr Legros a donne en cadeau a CORPRA et ACDART une oeuvre de l’artiste Mr Michel Levy Preval originaire de la Petite Riviere Artibonite vivant actuellement au Canada. Les artistes de PRA etaient entoures des oeuvres de Michel Levy Preval et de Mr Lyonel Laurenceau — proprietes du Dr Claude Legros.

 En Novembre vous aurez la 2eme partie de cette Exposition des oeuvres des Artistes de la Peite Riviere Artibonite a la Galerie Hennevelt 510 West Palm Beach, Fl-33470 et la date exacte en suivra. Faites en un tour et merci bien!



October 4, 2011

The show in Palm Beach was a great success!

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More pictures will follow!!!

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