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Diaspo Village - Une nouvelle conception de communauté en plein coeur de Petite Rivière

September 30, 2010

Petite Riviere Artibonite What’s up?

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Please tell me the news overthere and hope next year I will be there to report it live via my Kacika on the web! What do you say about that!!!

Et la Petite bande a pied—Continue t elle a amener les passants a l’Estere pour que cette fete continue toute la journee au bord de l’eau?

Je sais bien que toutes les ”Louise Marie Belle Deesse” attendent bien ce soir pour aller dormir dans Septen, en passant aviez vous pense a moi en dansant hier soir: “Pran Sans Nou” ou encore “Defit pour l’Humanite” Wouah! ou “Sa Bel”.—– Orlando! Ca fait populaire but we love it!!!—-in that Valley! Tropic met bien la Cadence.

Bonne Fete St Jerome a tous!

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Nos supplications pour son intercession au Grand Dieu Vivant dans nos coeurs et notre vie quotidienne s’elevent pour:


2-Eau Potable

3-Systeme de Sante

4-Systeme wireless

5-Economique stabilite a travers le Tourisme et l’Agriculture dans la region

6-Systeme de Logement

7-Systeme Educatif/ Informatise

8-Bonne Route pour desenclaver la zone

9-Pont sur l’Artibonite en passant par Coupon


Qui dit mieux sera aussi ecoute!!!

Priez pour nous pauvres pecheurs!!!

September 29, 2010

29 Septembre 2010!

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Kote “Gason Total” mwen yo?

You may find them all tonight

 ”sous les Tropics in PRA”

While we are under the weather in Fort Lauderdale!!!

My friends—Enjoy!!! 

We will be there in 2011!!!

Have a Happy Time!!!

Galerie du Tableau cette semaine a Marseille!

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Clara Perreaut :

L’oeuvre de Clara Perreaut se construit sur le rapport frontal entre le monde animalier et la société contemporaine.

Cartouches de fusil de chasse contre romance, eau de rose contre guerre du feuÉ Ses sculptures qui révèlent

l’incompatibilité d’humeur entre l’homme et son environnement sont alors le lieu d’une contradiction.

Cette Ïuvre paradoxale ne prend pas le parti d’un camp, elle ne milite finalement qu’en faveur de la poétique des formes.

Sofi Urbani :

854 avant JC : invention de l’enclume

1963 : naissance de l’art vidéo

1972 : naissance de Sofi Urbani

” La vie de Sofi est construite suivant les principes de construction narrative de la littérature américaine contemporaine.

Personnage récurrent de plusieurs histoires croisées, elle vous contera longuement la beauté de l’extinction

 du tube cathodique d’un vieux Telefunken des années 70 ou vous vantera la finesse de réglage d’un poste à souder japonais.

Puisque vous n’êtes pas pressé, écoutez son projet de voyage filmé dans un Piaggio poussif à travers l’Italie.

On vous attend ailleurs : partez vite et ne faites rien pour la revoir, un jour, quelqu’un vous expliquera les secrets

de fabrication d’un couteau en fer forgé après s’être outré de l’indécence des aurores boréales.

Profitez-en pour lui parler de l’enclume. ”

Eddy Godeberge

Désabonnement / Unsuscribe




Yes we did it yesterday!

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Acdart made again History not only as the Center for Artist with 1 year Anniversary but also the 1st place of a live speech all the way from Fort Lauderdale of Claire—-They could see Claire and hear the speech—-Yes it was possible with the great my Kacika/ Florence Bastien and Rivanet/Carlo across from Acdart that gave the technology capabilities. We need please the electricity overthere not only at St Jerome time but all the time so we may bring you more  with of what is available to us here in the US. Florence is a master in her own right of that technology and I will be her helper always at your service for a better quality of Life!!! Carlo, Errol Great Job!!!

September 28, 2010

Les photos et videos suivront sous peu!!!

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Bonne Fete a Acdart!!!

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Un merci special a Rivanet/ Carlo et a my Kacika/ Florence pour avoir mis la technologie a notre service et reussir cette premiere. Malgre les petites difficultes comme: Electricite, “internet tombe” ect  nous avions pu participer de la Floride audiovisuellement via le webcam,

Encore une fois: Bravo! Acdart!!! Bravo Rivanet et Excellent travail my Kacika!!!

Final Programme d’Acdart pour ce 28 Septembre 2010

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1)Ouverture 9h15_9h20,

2) Propos de bienvenue 9h20-9h25,

3)Conference de presse

4)sketch ocjr 10h10-10h15•

5)Mot du maire 10h15-10h20•6) intervention de
la coordonatrice marlene claire guillaume10h22-10h32•

7) Dj 10h32-10h37

sur Ismaël

9)Intervention sur l’importance de la culture intervenants mr st louis
thomas,mr athanase,10h57-11h27

10)Chant et danse avec mme 11h27-11h37•

11)Remise des plaques et des primes 11h30-

12h00 et Collation. Animation culturelle •.

Acdart Programme en direct!!!

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Go to:,70321359,private

September 27, 2010

Acdart 2010!

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Artist Delouis                              Artist Errol Louis


The last believer        Acdart Expo at COSH Conference  MIA 2010


              Intriguing, Enquiring about that work of Mr Delouis

How did we get to ACDART!

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Few years ago in September 2007 we started in Petite Riviere Artibonite the work or the walk toward that successful outcome that is FAS/ ACDart and many more to come. The TA=REVA concept was not born overnight on that day of September 2007. We started (Florence Bastien, Andre Simeus and Claire Guillaume) to analyze and write our thoughts long before the creation of CORPRA and on the day of our first meeting in Fort Lauderdale with the Mayor of PRA in 2001, it was obvious of not only the needs but also the possibilities of that Rivarti/ Artibonite Region. And comparing our notes we discover the same important points and the same frame of mind for the Solutions.

-We decided on Community Involvment(Creation of Small groups that will be involved in different aspect of that Development)—CORPRA as a result was the Flash Light!

- The other analysis was the need to revitalize the area’s economy via the Tourism local to start and explore the ways to bring on that change for a better Quality of Life

-We started by presenting in Broward’s Main Library the stories about our historical Past and with the help of Dr Gerard Campfort and Mrs Florence Bastien we did few presentations about Crete a Pierrot Celebration(under the banner of CORPRA)

-By then we identified two points strong enough that we may work with to make it happen: Our historical Past leaves us naturally with few sites that we may use to attract people in the region. Not only our kids born outside but also anyone who want to know about us and want to visit us in our habitat–as is– secondly we are agricultural area(Riziere, mangoes ect)

So Claire decided on exploring the Concept of Tourism+Agriculture=Renaissance Economique of the Valley Artibonite(TA=REVA)(New Wave Interlockings)

Florence Bastien decided on Education and Informatics(My Kacika)

and Finally Lolo or Andre Simeus went along with the Agricultural(Gran Neg Nan Plante) part of the Concept while Claire stays with the Tourism(Rencontre sur le Tourisme in 2007 in PRA at Infiniti/ Small Exposition) and I met for the 1st time with some members of the group FAS in P au P and registered in October at the Department of Social Services to be recognized in Haiti as a group.

Different committees came out of the Rencontre in PRA but the Artist/Entertainment Group of PRA survived until today. In September 2008 all the artists in Petite Riviere participated in their 1st Expo organized by them at the Palais aux 365 Portes and at that meet we decided on the creation of an Artist Association where they will find support for each other. FAS join the movement and went back home to decide this time on their Community Restaurant inaugurated in March 2009. The artists of PRA took the trip to Cayes for the Fair and the Inauguration— and both groups vow on their partnership for the advancement of Haitian Art and Culture and at the same time create the Wealth. At that meet in Cayes were: Mr Errol Louis, Mr Alex Bien Aime, Mr Herold Rouzier and Mr Mario in company of the only lady from Desjardins.

These artists came back and put the Motion for the creation of Acdart and —-New Wave(the main engine), My Kacika, Gran neg Nan Plante and Diaspo Village all sponsors of that Inauguration last year along with CORPRA.

The artists of Acdart were not only proud on that 27 September 2007of their accomplishment but also happy to have found their own corner along with the work that they wanted to continue in Memory of Ismael Saincilus. They wanted to invite all artists of the Artibonite Region and that is why they chose the name with a vast meaning. We have to say that the “Lakou of Ismael Saincilus” work place is still functionning and his sons Larimer and Ismer are still doing great work there. If you are there for this St Jerome, please visit Acdart Center and the Lakou of Ismael Saincilus and please support our artists.(PS—FAS along with Acdart are doing the efforts under our guidance(Support system) but mostly it is their work and the learning process to function as a group and benefit the rewards instead of being solely on their own—there are rules and regulations established by them that their members have to go by)

Congratulations Acdart and long live your effort!!! I promess to finish the Blog!!!

Bonne Fete!

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-A Acdart qui a ete inauguree le 27 Septembre 2009 a la Petite Riviere de l’Artibonite.

-Aux artistes membres de cette fabuleuse Association sous la direction de Mr Errol Louis je vous felicite de votre confiance, devouement  pour l’avancement et le developpement de la Culture/ Art non seulement Rivartibonitien mais Artibonitien—envers et contre tout en cette annee 2010!

Congratulations pour votre Courage et Heureux Anniversaire a tous!

September 25, 2010

Flash in NY! Please get your ticket!!! and Enjoy!!!

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P. O.  Box  3401078

Brooklyn, NY 11234

   347 578-1219     718 284-8413       917 605-2852      


August 17, 2010


Dear friend of  Petite Rivière de l’Artibonite,


The  Board committee of the Association des Rivartibonitiens à l’Etranger is organizing a  cultural dinner dance party which will take place on Saturday, September 25, 2010 from 9:00 PM to 2:30 AM at the ADRIA Hotel located at 221-17 Northern Boulevard, Bayside NY 11361.


The committee is undertaking this activity in order to raise funds for:

1.     Maintaining town library

2.     Installing three other sets of solar lighting panels

3.     Patronizing children to schools, sports and computer

4.     Financing canteen

5.     Helping town  to ensure cleanliness of the streets                                                                                                                               


The committee will appreciate your diligence in securing your seating by making in advance your check payable to A.R.E.N.Y. at the address above. The participation fee is $ 60.00 per capita or $ 100.00 per couple. If you will not attend, please send your donation.


The committee is looking forward to greeting you at this special fundraising event.



Very truly yours,





Joseph Fritz Bolivar               Evena Guillaume            Joseph Péralte Gabriel

      Treasurer                         Vice President                      President 


September 24, 2010

Even just for talk we keep going to high places: Andre Simeus(Lolo) at Princeton University!!!

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A Rivartibonitian made history today! Andre Simeus was this morning the 1st Rivartibonitian at Princeton University to present to the International Development class his views on the actual situation of Haiti.

He gave a brief history of Haiti, the current situation and possible solutions to remedy to the unending problems of this beautiful Caribbean Nation. It was in the class of Dr Daboub Juan J. from

9.30AM to 10.00AM

Bravo Lolo!!!

Creating a Village Modern is not the work of simply constructing a house!

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All the issues have to be taken into considerations since we are in Agricultural areas mostly Riziere.

We have to carefully plan to avoid any disastrous move. So with expert’s guidance we hope to have a real gem for you to come and see us soon!!! You are all invited to St Jerome Festivities and every year we do not miss Tropic!!!

Oups a fan of this site told me “ca fait Populaire” and he prefers Septan! But we are as classy as popular my friend!!! Human Rights!!!


from a simple story we draw and now on Google Map we can locate Charite!

I am still in quest of a Cadastre, a New one to place it!!

The Dream continued!

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With the travel of Experts from the US!(June 2010)


From P au P to PRA(Lolo, Fifi, Miguel, Julius, Danes to PRA Lolo, Julius, Claire, Fifi, Luc Wans)


We visited the Diaspora Minister Mr Edwin Paraison to tell him by then about the Diaspo Village turned into Pearl Village

Are we only talking or also acting to see a better quality of Life in PRA?

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You may be the judge and decide.

This past year we take the idea, the dream and start moving it toward the reality. So from just the thought of we bought the land(more than the 14 carreaux of land that we possess) and ask some experts to see the feasibility of what we had been dreaming of.

They travel with us to Haiti and by that time the housing need was even more felt since the unfortunate situation with the earthquake had made this problem more obvious. So we had been working to make it happen. Not too many responded initially to the adventure but by now we have already a waiting list of people willing to go live in Charite a localite in the East of Petite Riviere Artibonite at 7 Kms.

Here are some pictures to show you what we had done:


The land in Charite                                Pere Christophe that found this land


Mango’s Plant(Agricultural area                Actual school Construction in Charite

Are we prepare for our kids for example in the Diaspora to come to PRA as 1st time visitors?

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Realistically we are not! The infrastructures to make that ”Want to come back” do not exist yet. We have to prepare the way and make it happen. So from roads- to water- to electricity- to healthcare system we have to work fievrously at making it happen.

In that sense since last Summer(2009) we had been with the Diaspo Village Dream that now Pearl Village and initially it was presented in September 2009 as so:


A New Concept of Community in the heart of Petite Riviere Artibonite
 Invitation Diaspo Village
 Diaspo Village

Often time, we have the urge, we Rivartibonitians, to make a visit to Petite Riviere, but unfortunately a serious handicap prevents us from doing so: A decent residence for a pleasant stay, no hotel, no restaurant let alone, a super marche and even a place for entertainment. Electricity is nonexistent which makes the summer unbearable. In short, only the nostalgia of his patelain explains our presence at certain periods of the year in Petite Riviere.

     Other rivartibonitiens have no desire to go there because they do not have that decent roof to stay much less bring alone their families in their hometown or alma mater.

 Diaspo Village offers the ideal solution.
Diaspo Village, What is it?
     In the heart of Petite Riviere (Belle Riviere), especially in the eastern suburbs of the city of the beautiful river, a community will emerge. Comfortable houses, sports facilities, supermarkets stocked, all that, in the 3rd section of rural Little River.

This community will use its own resources for its Stocking up on food or food crops, dairy products and more … space will be used for breeding, another in the same agricultural and agro-business. In other words, it will provide its own food production … It will extend over an area of  ’square mile’ where horseback riding, walking and other recreational sports will be built.
 We would like this community to produce its own food that’s why we pay special attention to local production.





Community Village, An Ideal Solution to Real Problems in Haiti and particularly in Petite Riviere Artibonite.

        The housing system in Haiti is not a lending facility to encourage Own, in Haiti. Prospective owners should maintain their own capital if they want to build a house. Banks and other lending institutions are reluctant to provide fund for potential homeowners and others … Diaspo-Village is currently negotiating with some cooperative banks for loan guaranties to make them available to prospective homeowners and those interrested in agriculture and farming …
     On the other hand, Diaspo-Village Charity could be considered as a pilot project which will extend in the future ito all localities of Petite Riviere Artibonite and beyond.

The singularity of the program is its strength!

The project itself is unique. A housing system with a system of livestock production and agro-business, who says better? We encourage other localities to follow suit, an d set up similar programs and will also provide them with our support and expertise. We also encourage people or those who share our vision to help us through their investment and expertise in urban planning, architecture, engineering, and other …




How to participate in this project?

        Firstly, we would like you to visit us at Charite. This would be an honor for us. Leaving the village of Little River with its eastern flank Charite up through the front Colimon Charles Hospital and across the localities of Gaibo, Calvary and Big-Basin. Then let us share your expertise in this matter and how we could QUALIFY.

     Finally, we would like you to be potentials for investors. Our sites are affordable prices and we also have a team of maintenance for the landscaping, the closing of your property, and the construction of the house itself …

Subject to be reviewed)






Investment Package

Basic Package:
For 1 / 100 of the property: * $ 16.000.00 Haitian dollar.
      No maintenance, No Closing.

For 1 / 100 of the Property: * $ 16.000.00 Haitian Dollar


Apart from the main artery, a secondary road connecting your property to the main road. Planting 2 trees and forest fruit or closing of the property.

Total Cost: $ 20,000.00 * Dollar Haitian

Gold Package:


Basic Package or Package Intermediary Investment Package that is

 * HD $ 16.000.00

* Divide by 8 to find the equivalent in U.S. Dollar. May change according to fluctuations in the canteen.

Interested, please let us know: United States, contact: André Siméus at: 302 252 6000, email: (HYPERLINK) “mailto:” Claire Guillaume, 954 290 6119, email: HYPERLINK “mailto:”

In Haiti, Jean V. Dérizier, 011509 641 7087, mailto:”


This was written by Mr Andre Simeus



September 23, 2010

Should I keep being in transe to tell you:

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We have the ressources naturally and humainly possible. I refuse to think that we do not know how to convert them to that wealth. We breathe, walk, look at plentifull and we swear to die poor. Is it a state of mind that make it a state of being poor or should you wake up one day and declare: Enough of that Zekle dreaming JeKle of TA=REVA or Tourism+Agriculture=Renaissance Economique Vallee Artibonite!

So from today on, talk only to people that can help you transform this place even St Jerome —St Patron of all Smart People so we may make smart choices!!!!

Can you tell where is this place?

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I am from that region but does not know the place!

Petite Riviere Artibonite(2007IHSI)

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Le relief de la partie urbaine de la commune de Petite Rivière de l’Artibonite est la plaine et celui du milieu rural est le morne. De par sa position géographique, elle est une commune intérieure. De manière générale, la commune jouit d’un climat chaud.

Petite Rivière de l’Artibonite fut élevée au rang de commune en 1827. Administrativement, elle est subdivisée en six (6) sections communales. Elle a au moins cent quatre vingt quatre (184) localités et cent quatre vingt dix (190) habitations. Elle a également un quartier, Savane à Roche, qui relève de la 4e section communale de même nom.

La commune de Petite Rivière de l’Artibonite est bornée au nord, par les communes de Dessalines et de Maïssade ; au sud, par les communes de Verrettes et de Lachapelle ; a l’est, par les communes de Maïssade et de Boucan Carré et à l’ouest, par les communes de Lachapelle, de Verrettes et de Dessalines.

Les habitants de la commune de Petite Rivière de l’Artibonite s’appellent rivartibonitiens, rivartibonitiennes. La fête du saint patron, Saint Jérôme, est célébrée chaque 30 septembre.

La commune de Petite Rivière de l’Artibonite figure parmi les plus anciennes colonies françaises du Nouveau Monde et représente l’un des premiers centres d’opposition à l’ordre colonial. Déjà, le 24 février 1790, des affranchis s’y réunirent sur l’habitation Ducasse de Plassac et furent attaqués par Borel. Voulant exprimer de façon claire son refus de se plier à la sujétion française, cette localité, entraînée par des chefs indigènes, passa sous le drapeau espagnol en novembre 1793. Toussaint Louverture ouvrit, en 1794, les portes du bourg aux espagnols, ainsi les Anglais de Saint-Marc passeront à l’offensive en janvier 1795 pour reprendre Petite Rivière. Pour contrer leur avance, Toussaint Louverture installa au bourg de Petite Rivière une batterie de deux pièces de canon. Initiative payante, puisqu’elle a forcé le commandant anglais Brisbane à battre en retraite. En 1802, à l’approche de la division de

Rochambeau, Toussaint confia à Dessalines le commandement du fort de la Crête-à-Pierrot. Ce fort fut le théâtre d’une des batailles les plus glorieuses de la guerre de l’indépendance. Un millier de soldats de l’armée indigène y subissent un siège de vingt jours face à l’armée expéditionnaire de Leclerc1.

Durant la période haïtienne, la Petite Rivière eut aussi l’occasion d’assister ou de participer à bon nombre d’événements de la vie politique nationale. Rappelons que c’est là que fut arrêté en juin 1863 le général Aimé Legros, ancien ministre du Président Geffrard. De même, le 14 Avril 1889, un terrible affrontement opposa les cacos et les forces d’occupation américaine. Platt, un sergent américain, perdit la vie en plein combat, tandis que les révolutionnaires cacos laissèrent une soixantaine d’hommes sur le terrain2.

Les sites et les monuments historiques comme le Palais aux 365 portes, le Fort de la Crête Pierrot, Fort Oranger, témoignent d’un passé historique enrichissant.

1 Bulletin DIRP Vol 4 No 2

2 Bulletin DIRP Vol 4 No 2  ”

Tous droits reserves a IHSI

September 22, 2010

Acdart Celebration September 28, 2010

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Where: Acdart Center Angle–Claire Heureuse and Capois

Time: 9.00Am to 12.00pm (Rainy Season)


-Exposition and Sale (Art of PRA(Acdart) and cacao product of Cayes-FAS)

-Award Ceremony by Mr Fritz Darius



Entertainment 6.00pm to 10pm:

 -by OCJR dancers and the Troubadour of Petite Riviere Artibonite

-Comedy, ect era by FAS artists

My friends I will let the President of Acdart tell you where this entertainment at night will be!

Oups! Zip they are listening and you did not hear it from a gossiper!!!

And why talking so much about PRA?

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Because you have all the Festivities of that little town coming up based on the feast of St Jerome our Patron Saint(Catholic) on September 30.


              Rivanet                                      Acdart

However Acdart or Association Culturelle pour le Developpement de l’Art will have a year on September 27. The artists will celebrate on September 28 because of the activities of the 27th. This group is the reel example of that survival mode of 2010. They have the minimum to function but they do it big always. They are organize and thanks to the President of the group they vow not to go down without giving all they can. He did say that if after Mr Ismael Saincilus death the artists of Petite Riviere did find a true leader in that already traced movement they will be very far and well off with what they had learned from this great Master of Medieval style where the paintings are really made of decorative patterns all inside the reel image.

Hope next year you will join them in celebrating their second year and encourage them.

Mr Errol Louis you are a true Leader and I congratulate you and the Children of Ismael who are striving along with the other artists of PRA to never let die: the Memory of this Great of our time Mr Ismael Saincilus. He made visual art a popular style in that “Lakou” and we are thankful to him and all of you— not to forget Larimer and Ismer Saincilus!!!


Mrs Leanne and Mr Errol Louis           Mr Rossano Errol Louis

                                                                  Acdart President


                            Back of the Acdart Center

Tomorrow we will have infos on PRA!

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Today, you may find the Map of Hati along with the Artibonite Department where is located Petite Riviere Artibonite.

“We talked about the Artibonite Department where one may find: Mountains, Prairies, Plains, Valleys, swamps. The Temperatute is at time hot and sometimes cool.  Before the 1804 Revolution this department was part of the West area and the other part of the North and finally as a whole now it has: 5 districts/areas–15 communes–62 sections communales—-971habitations and 1784 localites(hamlets?)(from 2005 2007 doc) 

North of the Artibonite Department you will find the North and North West, South is the West Department in the East you have the departments of North, Center  and in the West of that Department you find the Gonave Island.

Artibonite is very present in Haiti’s History since Dessalines in 1804 declare the Independance of Haiti in that Region: Gonaives. It holds a lot of historic and political events of our past!” Attempted Translation of the French text of IHSI 2007″

Petite Riviere Artibonite

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   venant du CORPRA site 1ere et 2eme carte




A partir de l”Inventaire des Ressources et Potentialites des Communes d’Haiti”–2007 IHSI la 3 eme carte montrant le departement de l’Art


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PRA faisant partie du departement de l’Artibonite/Haiti alors parlons d’abord de l’Artibonite:


Suivant la commune considérée, le relief dominant du département de l’Artibonite est soit la plaine soit le morne. Ses côtes sont plates et marécageuses aux embouchures de deux de ses communes. Ailleurs, elles sont plutôt rocheuses. Son climat varie, il peut être tantôt chaud tantôt normal ou frais suivant la période.

Le département de l’Artibonite au moment de la révolution haïtienne faisait partie de deux départements. La plus grande partie se trouvait dans le département de l’Ouest et la partie septentrionale était incluse dans le département du Nord. La date de son élévation au rang de département n’est pas connue. Actuellement, comme département, il est subdivisé en cinq (5) arrondissements, quinze (15) communes, soixante deux (62) sections communales. Il a au moins neuf cent soixante onze (971) habitations et mille sept cent quatre vingt quatre (1 784) localités

Le département de l’Artibonite est borné au nord, par les départements du Nord-Ouest et du Nord; au sud, par le département de l’ouest; à l’est, par les départements du Nord et du centre et à l’ouest, par le Golfe de la Gonâve.

Artibonite reste un département très présent dans l’histoire haïtienne. D’ailleurs c’est là que fut proclamée l’indépendance d’Haïti le 1er janvier 1804, par Dessalines. Il fut le théâtre de bien des évènements historiques ou politiques de notre pays


Ressources de la Petite Riviere Artibonite!

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A noter que tout droit est reserve a l’Institut Haitien de Statistique et d’Informatique( IHSI) base sur le travail fait en 2005 et publie sous le nom: “Inventaire des Ressources et Potentialites des Communes d’Haiti” et comme nous voulons parler de la Petite Riviere Artibonite j’ai choisi bien sur les donnes sur cette Commune cependant vous trouverez Haiti toute entiere et bien detaillee.

September 21, 2010

Our ressources and possibilities are there in that Valley!!!

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Yes by creating movement in that space every year where FAS for example can join its efforts to animate the place at St Jerome along with Acdart, more and more people may visit just to see the group. Remember this Motto: Tourism+Agriculture=Renaissance Economique Vallee Artibonite. Welcome as usual this effort and I wish I could be there with you!!! but it will be next time in Cayes or PRA!!! and I will miss that cacao it was so good!!!

FAS a la une

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C’est confirmer le Fond des Artistes du Sud sera a la fete de Saint Gerome une autre fois de plus

le departement du se mobilise pour comfirmer sa presence et pour consolider le patenariat entre la ville des Cayes et Petite Riviere de l’Artibonite, mais cette Fois il sera accopmapgner  du groupe GWOSO FANM pour une exposition de cacao.

Lopez pierre

September 20, 2010

St Jerome Celebration a la Une!

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P. O.  Box  3401078

Brooklyn, NY 11234

   347 578-1219     718 284-8413       917 605-2852      


August 17, 2010


Dear friend of  Petite Rivière de l’Artibonite,


The  Board committee of the Association des Rivartibonitiens à l’Etranger is organizing a  cultural dinner dance party which will take place on Saturday, September 25, 2010 from 9:00 PM to 2:30 AM at the ADRIA Hotel located at 221-17 Northern Boulevard, Bayside NY 11361.


The committee is undertaking this activity in order to raise funds for:

1.     Maintaining town library

2.     Installing three other sets of solar lighting panels

3.     Patronizing children to schools, sports and computer

4.     Financing canteen

5.     Helping town  to ensure cleanliness of the streets                                                                                                                               


The committee will appreciate your diligence in securing your seating by making in advance your check payable to A.R.E.N.Y. at the address above. The participation fee is $ 60.00 per capita or $ 100.00 per couple. If you will not attend, please send your donation.


The committee is looking forward to greeting you at this special fundraising event.



Very truly yours,





Joseph Fritz Bolivar               Evena Guillaume            Joseph Péralte Gabriel

      Treasurer                         Vice President                      President 


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