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Diaspo Village - Une nouvelle conception de communauté en plein coeur de Petite Rivière

August 31, 2010

What’ up?

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By now you must be asking yourself : Is that site turn what ?

No we are looking at the social and tell it like it is in the diaspora or inside Petite Riviere Artibonite/ Haiti. We are Haitian American, free to think, speak or record the fight for that Survival as People and Renaissance of our Haiti Cherie.

We do not fake it! We go to the roots of why 2 millions are under tents or living in unsafe structures at the”Center”. The cure is called: De —Central—ideation to Decentralization(means also integration of the Diaspora). It can be done from the bottom up.— Example: Medor where you may find great area for coffee plantation should be the focus to start if you want to export coffee from Jacmel to  Paris and not start to make Jacmel only known for good  port of coffee from Haiti when it is coming from these red mountains.

Also do not think as Miami as the “no culture—no speaking French  place” when in fact it is the step for Konpa’s expansion toward that international recognition. Do not underestimate our market!!! and we may fool you–we speak French very much so please or we will go to school for it to relieve that defit!

Same as the South: Do not concentrate on Cayes, Jeremie, Jacmel only, but start by Abricots so you may be able to enjoy the fruits while going up and contemplating the Beauty of the “Arriere Pays” along with that Bleu-Green Caribbean Sea. Yes Haiti is a Pearl that we let it there like without any value while we wearing all the other jewelry because of our lack of appreciation for her, ouselves and each other. Born outside or inside, speaking Creole, French, Spanish or English it is with pride that we should say: “I am who I am and need no excuse”(Gloria Gaynor)—Haitian, Haitian American, Haitian Canadian, Haitian French ect era without shame of what we speak, where we were born or which other Nationality we detain.

It is the true feeling of the Rivartibonitians because in Petite Riviere Artibonite there is an acceptation of everyone with respect as long you are not a menace for society. In that:

-         We speak Creole, French, English, Spanish and open any day for business except Sundays. Soon we will accept credit cards!!

-         We invite everyone to come visit or stay as long that you can work hard for your money(Donna Summers)

-         We party hard on week end and never miss a mass on Sunday so we may start a new week in good Spirit even though some of us may not always agree with the Sermon—since we enjoy also the Rara beat(like Ale/ Phantoms) if you know what I mean

-         We eat and drink together at l’Estere Beach while listening to the D/J music or we cross the Artibonite river on a canoe(BAC) or take a taximoto for St Marc if we want salty fun at the Beach.

-         We are youngs, beautiful dark and lovely people that know exactly what we want and can from far away read your mind. This is the Hammer: “Can’t touch this” By now you are thinking—That’s crazy! Our mind is ours and we do whatever we want with it and you may call it Imagination—-Free to think !!!

-         Yes we are very analytical-wise-been there—done that—and give only one chance—-These people are not tell all like me (and you are lucky since I have to record it for Bibi)—They know their places—Petite Riviere Artibonite—and no mess up please—otherwise the Mayor Lucien Rollin Delva put you behind bars to rethink the process. That is why for this St Jerome I will stay away I will not mess up the trees at the Square of Fraternity with any goat or kids—I did not do it and nearly got arrested by the Director of the City which in turn called the Mayor so he could have the strenght to arrest me since I looked too heavy!

-         We mimic: You good – we good- You bad- we bad—We are descent of Matrix.

-         We are very supportive of each other but that does not stop the Competition like Ti Ghor Restaurant and Mont Carmel Barbecue of Ti Wal!

-         We are racing toward progress—perfection—but we do not think of ourselves as God but Princes and Princesses!

-         After all why I am telling you all that? Come back tomorrow for more

August 30, 2010

Bibi’s 1st day in Ballet class!

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These artists inherited the gene of the Artibonite Valley and the Mangoe Frances if not princesses never fall far from the tree!         

ist Bibi’s paintings in 2010


Painting on foil pre k 3–2010                       Easter hat


Mother’s Day 2010                                     Valentine’s Day 2010


                                                        Summer Time 2010

     Bibi’s  mom    

Ballet until 14 years old                                                            Painting as hobby


speaks creole, understand french, speaks english and love her haitian culture and still in school(continue her French classes) for even a better tomorrow!

Defit pour Haiti!

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Comment integrer cette diaspora qui a presque tout donne pour elle sera bien le challenge de notre futur et l’integration d’un systeme base sur des lois precises pour proteger les interets de tous. Pas la peine de chercher midi a quatorze heure: vous avez bien les ressources qu’il vous faut pour ce renouveau, vous preferez peut etre les ecarter mais jusqu’a quand?

 Prenant l’example de la Suisse avec differentes langues et dialecte, ils ont adopte le francais comme langue officielle et un etranger ne la connaissant pas devra bien s’engager a suivre des cours de francais au moins pour 3 mois et ca fait bien partie de son contrat de travail. Ils ont aussi des lois que seul un amendement peut changer mais non au gre du temps et de l’humeur de quiconque. Pas d’impartialite et les policiers sont la (civil ou en uniforme) pour les faire appliquer.

Quand a ces enfants nes a l’exterieur et de parents haitiens cette double nationalite doit bien etre finalement une option a considerer puisqu’ils aiment Haiti et veulent bien savoir qu’ils ont ce choix de servir au progres de cette nation.

Ma petite fille Bibi par example aime bien la peinture haitienne, la musique haitienne, la cuisine haitienne et reclame deja son passeport pour sa visite en Haiti. Tous les matins en l’amenant a l’ecole je dois lui raconter quelque chose sur Haiti, Granny ect. Alors comment repousser ces enfants et les classer dans une categorie sans issue. Voila votre challenge mes amis. Sans vos lois et applications solides, ces tenaces trouveront bien cette loupe  et vous serez coinces. Oui ils sont des survivants avec d’autres greffons, vous serez bien surpris. Leur attitude analyticale les rappelle toujours le resultat du chemin escompte. Alors ne ratez pas cette chance: Inclusion, acceptance, reintegration totale devra bien faire partie de votre plan. Alors plus que jamais: Education non seulement de ceux de l’exterieur mais encore de l’interieur sur la sensibilite de ce sujet!!!

August 26, 2010

Congratulations! Commissioner Dale Holness!

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Congratulations “Broward” Commissioner Dale Holness, we like the sound of that. We are so proud of the work that you have done in our community not only in Broward but also in Haiti”(From Kettly Pepe and Claire Guillaume)– We see you already as the Winner in November!

Press Release For Immediate Release
Because of You
Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!

                To the Citizens & Supporters of District 9

Dear Friends,

Thank you for your tremendous support! This victory would not have been possible without your hard work and dedication, your contributions and your vote.

We ran a very powerful campaign for a new direction in District 9 and Broward County. Our message of leading the way for job creation, economic development, enhanced education, technical training, crime reduction and increased international trade, was well received by the residents of District 9.

I am humbled and honored by the remarkable commitment of my supporters and the voters. I will continue to serve the community with integrity, enthusiasm and dedication.
Although there is still an election in November with a write in candidate which will not pose a challange for us, we must continue working to accomplish our goals for District 9 and Broward County. 


Dale V.C. Holness  ”Yes we Can” ..Barack Obama  




Please continue with your prayers, help and support  as we  continue to work towards enhancing the overall quality of life for District 9 residents and Broward County.


Again, I thank you all.



Political advertisement paid for and approved by Dale Holness, Elected Democratic Nominee, Candidate for Broward County Commission Distict 9.
Campaign Headquarters
4325 W. Sunrise Blvd
Plantation, FL 33313 


Safe Unsubscribe






Dale Holness | 4325 W. Sunrise Blvd | Plantation | FL | 33313

August 24, 2010

Lifting up my Spirit!

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With “Yolanda Adams” I found the same words that Granny like to say and I share them with you:

“Never give up”


“Only if God says yes”

“I Gotta believe”


Hope, Faith and Love always pull you through!!!

Create the image that you may wake up any day and see in the mirror without any guilty conscious!

CORPRA se joint a ARENY pour presenter les sinceres condoleances a la famille de Madame Rodrigue Riché née Elvire Pierre-Louis !

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“ARENY  annonce avec peine la nouvelle de la mort de Madame Rodrigue Riché née Elvire Pierre-Louis à la Petite Rivière de l’Artibonite le samedi 21 août écoulé.
En cette pénible circonstance, ARENY présente ses sincères condoléances
-          à son mari Rodrigue Riché,
-          à son fils Lesly Riché,
-          à ses filles Mimine, Rose-Michelle et Yanick Riché, 
-          à son frère Joseph Fritz Darius,
-          à ses soeurs Marie-Lourdes Pierre-Louis, Germaine Darius et Madame Gertrude  Légitime.
Aux familles Riché, Pierre-Louis, Darius, Légitime, Simon, Constant, Isaac, Saget, Cadet, Chérubin, Chrysostome, Jean-Louis, Gabriel, Véluma, Sylvain, Bolivar, Attil, Eugène, Guillaume,  Alexis, Midouin, Henri, Guerrier et à tous ceux par ce deuil, l’Association renouvelle l’expression de ses profonds regrets.
Les funérailles et l’inhumation auront lieu le vendredi prochain  en sa ville natale.
Que la terre lui soit légère!

August 23, 2010

Back to School for many children today!

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Our model school kid Aubrie was up and early to go to school but feel the sleep was a little interrupted too quickly! She was happy but did cry on the first day back in that strict environment where there is no more 1 princess but many princes and princesses.

Here are the pictures:


Manmy getting the car ready while little Miss shake off that sleep still hanging on!!


Even Daddy from Gainesville DJ should be proud of her Princess

News from Cayes! South of Haiti!!

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The group FAS(Fond des Artistes du Sud) had elected not too long ago a New Comity and had proceed at the Investiture yesterday Sunday August 22nd in its Home town: Les Cayes.

I was waiting for their picture but in the mean time here are the names:

“Fortune Frantz (pouchon) cordonateur ,

Petit Jean Rousseau cordonateur adjoint ,

Lopez Pierre Relations Publiques

Anclaud Mersan Secrétaire

Delicar Island Secrétaire Adjoint ,

Sully Joseph Gerson Trésorier ,

Idalina Élysée conseillère 

Willson Conseiller”

Congratulations and best years under your direction.

May God guide and protect all of you in your new responsibility!!!

August 20, 2010

News from Petite Riviere Artibonite continued!

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During my last trip in PRA I had the honor to meet with the representant of World Vision one day: Mr Jean Holson Doriscar who gave me an idea of the work that they are doing in the region. Distribution of food is done on a regular basis mostly to pregnant women—Classes on nutrition, familial Planning and how to help their children from lack of vitamines and avoid parasites. World Vision serves also the Commune of La Chapelle, Verrettes, Marchand beside Petite Riviere Artibonite, Mirebalais, Saut d’Eau, Lascahobas, Boucan Carre, Savanette. In the meantime any concerned patients are sent to the Albert Schweitzer Hospital. They have health Agents in those areas and the Distribution is done once a month.

Reportage was done with Mr Doriscar. Thank you for the time you took that day to talk to me.

Eureka Formula

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Iniminimanimo+Abo= Bondie Beni ou Ti Danger (Ingredients from Phantoms and Nu Look)

Amen Alleluia–Mesi Jezi!!!

August 19, 2010

News from Petite Riviere Artibonite!!!

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Are you enjoying the news from Cayes via:

In Petite Riviere they do not have that capability since the electricity is not running if not at all. The reason had been enumerated but the one that really stay is that the people of Petite Riviere mostly does not pay the electric bill. Should we judge and condamn them. They usually say they refuse to pay for the black out!!!

In that sense many initiative had been taken in the past. 1st by the 3 Associations of Rivartibonitians in the Diaspora(ARENY, ARRC, CORPRA) but the end result was only the 2 poles with solar panel in the square—Initially we wanted to buy 6 because most of the students in Petite Riviere study after dark there however lack of funds bring us to a stop.

Then you have a group that also want privatization of the electricity and still working on that project.

Finally I just last week learned from a NY based friend that the ex Mayor of Petite Riviere Mr Luc Wans Duvalsaint kept or renewed the concept of Poles with Solar Panel. He managed to find donors and 3 more poles had been added: 1 in Quatorzieme, 1 near Mme Pageot’s School and 1 in Jumelle. A 4th one supposed to arrive soon if not yet. Keep up the search and the good work since the schools will reopen soon and no better quality of life without that good Education. Bravo Mr Luc Wans and I ask everyone to understand please that this is not a propaganda for his election as a deputy but we have to report things like it is! We love Solar Energy in the area since we have that sun a Gogo that makes you Gaga in the summer time without even a fan.


               Mr Luc Wans Duvalsaint, Daughter and Wife Gerty Legrand Duvalsaint

August 18, 2010

Petite Riviere are you ok? Haiti!!

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“Pran Sans Nou” with the group Tropicana—Le Taureau des annees 2000!

I love you all!!—-Granny used to love “Aprann reflechi” and danse when the neighbor (a la rue Capois) put his loud music!!! I miss you!

News from Cayes!

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Bravo au groupe FAS pour leur participation a cette initiative! Keep up the work!

August 17, 2010

The Spirit of Courage!

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From page 143 one may read:

“Don’t be afraid to go out on a limb, that’s where the fruit is” (H. Jackson Browne)

or on page 203:

” Far better is to dare mighty things, to win glorious triumphs, even though checkered by failure, than to rank with those poor spirits who neither enjoy much nor suffer much, because they live in the gray twilight that knows not victory nor defeat.” (Theodore Roosevelt)

So whatever you are doing in Haiti think about the repercussion on those children born outside also and the lack of respect sometimes coming out of your lack of consideration inside Haiti of that Diaspora that would like so much to be part of the solution. They are watching your every move and they are even trying to master that French that keep them sometimes at Bay(Education/ key). So please be careful of what you are saying. They did not ask to be born as outsiders. Their parents had to find a better quality of life that you have the responsibility to fix today so do not throw that last chance away and may the best win! The game is on! No killing please matadors!!!

You are under the camera Man!! And that may be the fly that keep buzzing! So where is King Posse ” Watcha ou” Watch out!—Black Alex says ” He is busy man” trying his suit for Kreyol la “Viktwa” while you keep on thinking I am “Vagabond for life” I just say it is just Mathemathic “Love”! Economic Freedom with better Quality of Life!!!

August 15, 2010

Notre Dame!Are you listening? Haiti is calling!

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While searching the net I find:

AUGUST 15, 2010


SOLEMNITY OF THE ASSUMPTION OF THE BLESSED VIRGIN MARY:“Blessed are you among women and  blessed is the fruit of your womb.” Luke 1:39-56. On Nov., 1, 1950, Pope Pius XII, in his Encyclical Letter Munificentissimus Deus, proclaimed and defined to be divinely revealed dogma that “…the Immaculate Mother of God, the ever Virgin Mary, having completed the course of her earthly life, was assumed body and soul into heavenly glory.” Why would Jesus not want to honor the young woman who accepted God’s call to be his mother, who carried him in her womb and gave birth to him, who rejoiced in his Resurrection,  by assuming her uncorrupted body to be with him in heaven for eternity?


Fr. William C. Keebler, Jr., Parochial Administrator

RECTORY - (423) 639-9383, OFFICE PHONE - (423) 639-9381,  FAX (423) 638-5219, OFFICE OF DRE/YOUTH MINISTER - (423) 639-9382

However to tell you everything I need to go back home and let you know that from Cap Haitian where it is also the anniversary of the Group: Tropicana we have to be reminded that Notre Dame is Patronne of many Big Cities in Haiti like Port au Prince, Petit Goave , les Cayes ect

So what is it: They call those festivities in Haiti: Fet Champet—-or Fete Patronale.

Let us start by a little understanding of what you may see and understand the mind of the participants to these festivities: Each and everyone come to pray in their own way!!!


 Happy Day to all and Hope next year I can be live on somewhere to show you what is happening via The net!!!

Surprise! a friend send this link to tell me that other places are calling also see the link:

August 11, 2010

Month of August is the Festival Period of the Region of Cayes!

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If you have enough of Gelee, you can go down to Port Salut, Damassin, Coteaux, Port a Piment, Chardonnieres or les Anglais do not forget Ile a Vaches.

Do we need New York “All Stars” to sing to the Captain “Minnin’m Ale” while helping Armstrong Jeune or should we keep enjoying it all with the FAS Group. In the meantime we see “Haiti sous Lumiere Rouge” while they go “Hang Out” at the 500 Marches. Eh Eh!

You should see Noe all in red saying: I am full of Hope that we can go up the stairs because we are in good shape. We just need Our FAS President Mr Rousseau to bring us to good Port all in yellow goldly and boldly light no more red light.

Earline—- hands in the air and thinking what is the next step with all the rescued children Bon Die papa nou? School, Food, welfare what will be their future? Others bravely go up without a stop. They want to go quickly lay that heavy weight all at the foot of that Cross and once done Lolo, Mersan, Earline all may have at leat some rest. So you understand from Petite Riviere Artibonite to Cayes and Passing by Port au Prince, Jacmel, Leogane; Petit Goave everyone is praying for Haiti because that Phoenix cannot go underground like that, Her Futur is in our hands. We may have to dig her out or search the net-work until she can finally spread her wings. Youngs or olds you have a responsibility!

Bravo FAS-strongs that never stop showing the beauty of their area!






Do not stay only in one place when you go to Haiti. Do visit also the unfamiliar places and you may be surprise of the Beauty of your Island!!! Thanks to Granny for teaching me the City life as the Country life!! By the way les Cayes is the 3rd big city of Haiti.

August 9, 2010

Let us keep visiting the South through the eyes of FAS Group!@

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I remember many of these places and for some fans of this site they had seen some of these beautiful coast pictures in the past after the visit in March 2009 to les Cayes! So the group had to eat at some point since Cayes going South to Port a Piment is not that close! So here they are:


Idalina/ Dancer                                                    Lolo/ Comedian/


“Tout homme” passing by the food              Mersan and friend very surprised

“Tout Homme” must be thinking about how to make “Ton Sil Homme” win the election to replace Rousseau the President so he just fast and pray. However I missed him at the 500 Marches he must have lost some strenght.

August 8, 2010

Yes more from les Cayes in the South of Haiti!

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These young artists took a tour with some of the children rescued from the desastrous eartquake situation. At the same time we have a tour again of what the South of Haiti can offer to any visitor!

Here are some pictures!!!





By now are you ready to keep visiting, the boat is just waiting for you for a day of Fun and this FAS Group knows for sure how to cook!

August 6, 2010

After that High emotional Voltage!

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Let us go down to les Cayes in the South of Haiti to sing with the cool dudes of the South. One thing I have to admit is that the North is always on the Feeling Hot side and from Boule de Feu passing through Savanne Desolee until Croix des Bouquets someone have to always “Please Call 911″ if Tropic does not give the Cadence!

But in the South the FAS group is always taking the Temperature and asking: ” Condition pep la” otherwise cool it off by just saying ”Papale avem”

So now you will ask me what it means? It is up to them to tell you and to get these songs you may have to get their CD. You need a reel good laugh these days without the language of “Eminem”. So here are these youngs very proudly giving you a tour of their corner! 

More coming soon!

August 5, 2010

What is new around the Housing problem and Architecture in the Valley!

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Here and there some houses are been build with the help of organizations or personal contacts so from Dlon yin to Carrefour Gros Chaudiere you may find some new revamped communities.

Here is the example of new houses been build between Palmiste and Gros Chaudiere:

 These houses are build with materials of the Valley




My stay in the Valley was too short to be able to give you an exact account of who or which organization or government branch is responsible to build these houses.(The 1st set was build without rest room inside but that is rectified for the other set). However names like: Pere Christophe, Mr Dejean Belizaire or Ingenieur Rivelino Louis came up. But I would like exact information from someone that knows the deal and prices to let us know at CORPRA(Phone on the welcome page) Thank you!

Art and Architecture Part#2

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We coexist in Petite Riviere Artibonite and the livings respect their deads. Petite Riviere Artibonite cemetery is fenced in and under surveillance by a great man that I did not take the name–Thank you for the show of concern. He is there for you and order the clean up if you request it of the tomb or mosoleum of the defunt. I did ask you to “bear” with me because of the strenght needed to talk about death. It is not an usual conversation in the Haitian Culture because of all the fear that come with thinking of it. However as we are born our journey to the End start. So we should love and celebrate life each second, minute or hour of our existence. This is what I have learned from Granny. No time to hate, no time to criticize, no time to waste by holding grudges as long as the other person understand and if not let it be but do not leave with anger. Never go to bed without a show of love to your surroudings. If you do not have anything nice to say: Silence!

Life is an art and beauty worth living so when you go you may be at extreme peace like Granny!!!

August 3, 2010

The Architecture of the Valley! Part 1

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We have some great architectes coming from the Artibonite Valley From Verrettes  I could name a few same as Petite Riviere Artibonite but let us look at the old houses and the new houses togheter:


City Hall                                                                          Cyber Cafe Rivanet


Acdart Center for Artists of PRA                                Teleco now Viatel for all your needs!


                                 Top all made of Wood and Galvanized Material    


Notre Dame Fatima School


     Rue Stenoi Vincent House                    Bank of PRA(COOPERATIVE)


Mme Lahence Excellent/Mme Elie’s House       A view from the Cemetery to the Catholic Church

So what is so great about Petite Riviere Artibonite?

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It is an old colonial place that strive to keep its essence and beauty even with that old devastated looking 365 doors Palace and a Crete a Pierrot not making too much noise lately. However the beauty of the Valley seen from the hilltop is breath taking. The people knows how to  give great hospitality with whatever they have, the fresh starchy taste of the Artibonite rice with Lalo will make you want to go back every year. Do not ask for that Corosol(Guanabana) juice or Papaya, Lemonade, grape fruit  watermelon or oranges with water or with milk they are a delice(Just ask not to put for you the sugar they like it sweet). For every symptom you have a special tea. From Barbecue to Griots they know how to keep your mouth asking for more and if you want to cool off BEFORE OR AFTER you have l’Estere Beach in the Summer and Artibonite river in the cool season(december). So let us take once again the trip from Port au Prince to Petite Riviere Artibonite it is 119 Kms around 75 miles and from St Marc to PRA 16 kms. The Nationale #1 will bring you there but from Carrefour Peye right after Pont Sonde you make a right where you see all the Motocycles after Yaya Usine(Ice)—That road will make you loose any plane. Because of so many holes to avoid it feels like you are on a donkey. Thank God I saw some surveyors on the road right between carrefour Peye and Carrefour la Ville the days that I was overthere so could I say there is Hope for that road to finally be done properly once and for all! The Headquater that I saw had the Flags of Equador and Argentina with the Haitian Flag in the Middle.


                                                      Headquater of Surveyors

Here are some pictures of Petite Riviere Artibonite(Bourg):

PRA Streets– Everything is build around the starting Points: The Catholic Church and the Square

  Painting of Acdart artist( is at the Center)


Acdart Street                              &                             Backyard


Famous                                         Rue Capois         Home of Acdart and Rivanet


Rue Capois                                                      Rue Louverture


Rue Louverture                                                                     Rue Capois 139

The streets of PRA are always clean and no goat on the streets thanks to the Mayor Lucien Rollin Delva that always make sure that this is carried out-Bravo!

Garbages are picked up every Tuesday Goat owner risk jail time if found on the street!

Sympathy to the Family St Felix, Grand Pierre!

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In the mddle of everything I never had a chance to express my sympathy to the Family of Mrs Victor St Felix that was buried in Petite Riviere Artibonite the same day that my mother passed away.  Mrs Victor was living and died in Montreal but her children carried out her wishes to be buried in Petite Riviere Artibonite.

Yes that is how we do it in the Valley. We respect the wishes of the living or the dead because as Humans: The right will always be theirs!!! and with Respect / always!

August 1, 2010

Her Memories will live on!

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“Maman” 200% Love of Jacques Sauveur Jean

“Korem” I know you did love Kreyol la

“The last word you said” Sara Brightman that you love to sing so much when we go to Gainesville

“Maman Thank you for who I am” Il Divo

Hedye, Aubrie, Myself, Lolo, Walding, Ti Fre, Hermionne, Alta, Flo, Altide, Brigitte, Marie, Jules, Elide, Nestor, Ton Veillot, Cameau, Luce, Lolo,  Rony, Inico, Ritchie we all miss you but we will make sure that all your wishes are carried out

In Memory: The End!

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 Granny at Je dis Culture(7.00pm to 2.00AM every Thursday’s)

Pictures of her Send off:






                                                      “Time to say Good Bye” Sara Brightman and Andrea Bocelli

Thank you! No word can express my gratitude for your Support!

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Talking Culture and in Memory of Granny that use to love telling her story from Labady(Genescat- Guillaume- Leonard- Nodi- Fils Aime family) to Medor(Guillaume- BienAime- Balthazar Family) and Savary(Jeannot Kenol family)—we have to find a way to record her send off for Aubrie(her great grand daughter) that never stop asking to go to Haiti and see her..

Yes I ask you to “bear” with me and may God please gives me the strenght to “Accept” what I cannot change! A mother will always be!  no matter the age, the wealth, the health to the child that she gave so much love wants to give back in return but never want to think about and accept the cycle of Life.


As you all know the news came to me as”Lightning Strike” Our Garanny refuse to eat on Wednesday June 30. On July 1st Granny was gone like a “Lightning strike”—- in a Flash  from to noon that was enough for her to leave us silently and peacefully–I could not believe the news and water was dripping on me from that 10.00am until 3.40pm when my daughter came from work and found me at that same spot. That shock was too hard to bear and stand up to it.

It was just that June 8, I was thinking when I saw a skinny lady but not that worrisome that told me I know who you are: Where is my granddaughter, where is my great grand daughter as she called them by their names. I knew that she did not like to eat heavy when it is very hot but I always recommend that they keep her well hydrated.

In that sense I did not have any doubt about her care since I could notice that her skinny face did not look like a person that was not cared for. She did not have any bed sores she was not bedridden and could ambulate at ease with her walker.

Our Granny decided to let go of it all as a surprise for all of us and maybe also to her since there was no warning signs. I questioned her blood sugar, her pressure, the Alzheimer’s disease etch but at 91 and 2 months she should have the right to say “Good Bye” while singing with Sara Brightman and Andrea Bocelli. But “how to accept that Good Bye” is the hiccup!

As we were saying this Good Bye on July 7th we did everything that she would like: she was someone that loves to receive people well at her house and remind us always of her reception for the priest coming from Petite Riviere to Labadie. So we did it all.

And Thanks for all the support from Friends and Families:

Alisme Jn Delinois Thank you for your reception at the Airport!

Hedye C. Masse (Jackson) and Aubrieana Jackson

Dwright Jackson and all the Family of Palm Beach that came to see us

Florence Bastien of my Kacika

The Isaac Family of Pembroke Pines

Gardy Excellent, Fabiola and Gardy Excellent (Loupy)

Arnelle Bontemps and Family (NY)

Fanfan, Christian and Pierre Alix Jerome

Carme Rose Pierre Canel along with Karl and Vladimir (NJ)

Gary, Daniela and Alexandra Menuau(Black Light Media)

Russell(CORPRA), Samir, Randy Volcy

Roger, Donnalia of CORPRA, Rogeardy Edouard

Ronald Vilgrain(CORPRA)

Saintius Saintil(CORPRA)

Andre Simeus (CORPRA)

Walding Guillaume and Luce Guillaume Pierre Paul and the girls in Cap Haitan


Cameau Simeus

Ti Fre

Sultane and Family(Mona, Keke ect)

Je dis Culture Family: Willy et Carine Jean Jacques, Yves Mardice, Andre Fouad, Shirley Auxais and Josette Murade Auxais, Edy Auguste, Rodney Merard

Jn Rene Moricette

Fritz Darius(New Wave) and Mr Jeannot

Lefort Amizial(New Wave)

Rony and Greggy Grand Pierre

Fritz and Leonie Charles

Romero Estinvil of Boston(Jeune Haiti Magazine)

Chenald Augustin(Ancien du Journal le Matin and now on the Nouvelliste)

Organizations like the

ARENY– Family of NY(Thank you for the card and flowers)

ARRC– Family of Canada(Thank you for the card and flowers)

CORPRA –Family(Thank you for the flowers and the Support)

MRH– Family of Hollywood Fl. (Thank you for the outpouring of love and support from Administration, Staffing Office, 8C, OR—Gemima, what a surprise!)


ACDART– Family of PRA- These artists went all out for the Reception after the Funeral—Beautiful work

FAS– Family of Cayes- That extra mile traveled early morning all the way to the Airport went straight to my heart

Medor and Labadie Families (Thank you for the flowers and the show of love and togetherness/ Hermionne hat off to you)

Azor, Gabriel, Louis, Grand Pierre/ St Felix (Roland, Lydie, Tante Anite, Rosemine, Monique—no word can express my thanks for the extra care!

Infiniti Chapelle at Rue Louverture— Great work Mr N. Manigat and Mr Jules along with the staff, photographer and the musicians included

Pere Maurice Christophe along with the prayer group led by Mr Thomas of the St Jerome Paroisse(Prayer at Infiniti and at Home(3 days) What a comforting presence with you!

Ex Mayor Luc Wans Duvalsaint with his wife and Daughter

The crowd on Tuesday Night (July 6th) before the “Veillee” at Infiniti and after in Rue Capois(Veillee)

The Neighbors of Rue Capois that gave all their time to help me in that hard time for the reception

The Organizers of the Reception led by Florence and Walding Guillaume (at least 10 helpers)

The Family of Labadie that did the service at the reception

Hermionne Leonard Charles

Altide Genescar and Brigitte Genescar and Jules Andre(Nodi)

Marie and Richelda Guillaume

Dan Guillaume

Rose Andre Delice

PS Alta Guillaume of Boyton Beach along with Benji, Mamane, Dawkin, Nathan, Doutchy

Thank you! to all that came to show me their support

Pere Nestor(Canada) and Ton Veillot Fils Aime

 The Family of Medor was well represented

Pere Miguel Jean Baptiste(Celebrant)

Danes Jean Baptiste

A, Bien Aime

The Artists from Acdart like Errol Louis and his wife

Herold Rozier and his mother Mrs M, Rozier

Mario, Delouis Jn Louis, Accely Jn Charles, Archibal

The Artits from FAS were represented by Earline Mersan and Lopez Pierre

Maitre Jn Louis of Cayes

Mr Lalanne, W of ROCAHD (Canada)

Mr and Mrs Jacques Morisset of St Marc/ Jacmel

Anite and her son Alfred Fadlet

Mr Fifi and Mr Jackson of ABD group

Marie Antoine of Pembroke Pines

Maloue Lescot David and Family

My friends from P au P :PB and MCR

Gaspard Jn baptiste and Family(Canada)

Melanie (Corizanne et sa fille ainsi que Ti Maurice) Thank you

Joelle Louis, Guy Joseph, Ti Gho

Mme Babas! Thank you Karl Henry Valery

Cleriane Jumelle et Fatima

Mme Marcus Hora(Elide Genescar)

Herve Morency and Family

the New friends at “San Somey Love” Route Frere P au P 

At the Funeral Home on July 6th at Night  were present( Inico, Destin Milicent, Latortue Houd, Nerlande Jules, Alusma John, St Louis Obenson, Cherilus, Yakendy, Romelus Papoucheto, Romelus Renelique, Cadet James, Joseph Janvier, Nathan, Rovenz, Joseph JnDerson, Yveline, Roseline, Cadet Clermont, Mme Bros, Jn Baptiste Amaise, Julien Wismide, Franceline Joseph, Stessy Fise, Makenlofe Pierre, Josama Gracepa, Juliette Pierre, Madeline Pierre, Ronise Joseph, Chaby, Mme Altide Genescar, Brigitte Genescar Caseneuve, Mme Marcus Gescar Hora, Bedek, Guy Rene, Hobens, Wilson, Oscard, Dwania, Jn Manik, G Roable, Nenle, Jeannot Robert, ect and to all the others at the reception that I did not get their names!

At the House : Walding, Sultane, Ti Fre, Florence Ti Marlene, Edelle, Luce, Mona, Keke, Alourdes, Betty, Mme Fanfan, Lolo, Rosemine, Mme Bot

At the Funeral Home so much caring without asking! 

At the Cemetery!! Thank you! and mille fois Merci!

Anmwe! Granny Ale tout bon!!! a month ago Today! at this minute!!! 12.00 noon onJuly 1st 2010
















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