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Diaspo Village - Une nouvelle conception de communauté en plein coeur de Petite Rivière

June 30, 2010

Pearl Village!

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Every move right now should be toward looking at: “Jobs, Economic Impacts, Multiplier Effects , and sustainability ,  What will be the long term effects on the Haitian Economy. HOUSING, a basic industry that in all third world economies is the quickest way to stimulate local economies because it is always linked downwards to the lowest levels in the broadest sense of spreading the money generated.
 Pearl Village should be built on the basis of local block production  very similiar to the technology used” as always or wood.(Mr Fifi)

So for PRA we will have not only places for the Tourism Industry but also we want to invite anyone wanted lo leave the city life for a country life and some fun!

Like our friends in les Cayes(FAS group) who come evey year to visit us in september. We need prayers for guidance and Success!


FAS went to pray for Haiti and a better tomorrow at the 500 marches


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Tourism+Agriculture will give that Economic Renewal of the Valley Artibonite and in few years another image of Haiti will show the Turning Point. It is all up to you my friends!

Please watch this report on PBS last night and read also the comments


June 27, 2010

Statistics of Corpra site for the month of June!

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Since no one interacts but just read the posts I had asked the web administrator to give us a statistic and see if there was any interest from Internet viewers. He inform me at the same time of the change that may help anyone post on the blog once you register. So try it!

Thank you and here is the statistic:

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ARENY Meeting in NY!

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Chers amis, veuillez participer à la réunion du 27 juin 2010 6:00 PM au 3801 Avenue M, Brooklyn, NY. Salutations!


June 26, 2010

Where to go and say a Prayer? inside Port au Prince!

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Ste Trinite, Cathedrale, Archeveche at least have some parts still standing but Perpetuel and the nuns’s House are just flat.

Surprisingly Life goes on and Business as usual to survive that unfolding nightmare


Argentine or Brazil shirt which one you want? We are still open for business! But how many of us will be still standing in the end is in your hands. So please do something!!!

Reality continued this time inside Port au Prince!

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Would you sit and talk more about government, 5 billions, what we did not do yet, why, how come, what we did in the past to get there, they will use the word diaspora talking about me, how I may still do it and be able to pay my bills or just think that in Haiti they do not consider my work as a valued way to make a living—Is there any A/C? Simply come down to earth, the concern for all of us as Human Beings is that Haiti as a whole needs us!!!

If you can give 1 month free, do it—-If you can take a leave and try to find a way of living while sharing your knowledge do it and at last we all can do something. Some may think that they left for good because of what was done to them in the past in that case—–“chuch” and never use the word: Haiti in good or bad time because Djakout problem saa se “Business pa’n”!

Here is Port au Prince and up close inside that devastated city and how the people do it—From Bois Verna down to the Champ de Mars passing by Ste Trinity, Cathedrale, Notre Dame Perpetuel Secours and Delmas to Tabarre.




Casernes Dessalines                Champs de Mars with devastating pictures all around


                                          All around the scenery is:                                


June 25, 2010

The Reality of Haiti continued!

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 This show of the people struggle appears not only on the Nationale #1 but also on other parts going out of the Capital. For sure I could not move around easily and visit the South end because on Monday morning June 7th a raging water  from the rain of Sunday night had blocked the way from Tabarre to the airport. But I am sure it will be the same scenery if not worse in the South. Here we are in pictures:



From the Nationale #1 let us turn to the Road to the Border/ Malpasse


Many reported that some people living in tents go home at night to where in the Capital since even where I was staying the house is cracked and tents are outside in case of any shake. Very uneasy conditions and even some young people are not surviving that high stress. 

The Reality of Haiti on this June 2010

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TV is not even close to the devastation and the misery that we witnessed. Some had been overpowered with emotions. Other silently was deciding on what is the better strategy in all that we are seing to get some quick actions. The needs are so widely spread that there is no need to start asking how you may do something, just do. Even by starting to explore a way with your own family, do not stay inactif and loose hope: Do something! And the Minister of the Diaspora will be happy to hear from you!

So brace yourself and we go on the road: Riviere Grise and if it floods the tents are right there


Nationale #1 from Port au Prince to Arcahaie




tomorrow we continue. Very serious matter!!!

June 24, 2010

Last Day of the Trip!

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After all it came to our last day for the Trip. Like in Petite Riviere Artibonite where we met with Mayor Adjoint Mr Pierre Trujillo we did not want to leave without thanking while meeting with the Minister of the Diaspora and presenting to him the Pearl Village Project. He had been a great support and a guide to us. So one may ask why the government. Even though it is a private initiative the extent requires that local government is aware and to do all that I had many conversations with the Minister after meeting with him in Miami. Yes my friends you cannot move, remove and build anything in Haiti without some form of government contact. Respect command it beside the legal matters like in your backyard a goat cannot come and eat your flowers  without the goat owner asking you for permission.

However the highlight for me was the buiding where some government offices had to be relocated since the earthquake. For the ones that not know it yet: The BHD(Banque Haitienne de Development) bulding is now home of some government offices at 20, Bois Verna en face au Beurre Chaud et la Ruelle Dufort.

Here are some highlights.


Mr Fifi                                                                        Mr Jackson entering the Minister of the Diaspora’s Office


Many goverment offices in that artistic batiment  along with its Haitian Flag




That hole still at the heart of the Haitian People did not stop me from seing the beautiful artwork of the building. The goverment by the action of the Diaspora Minister shows the will to accompany with open arms the Diaspora’s initiative and Haiti will flourish in few years. Hope has a place(Enya)

June 23, 2010

The Treasured Life of the Valley!

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 in Pictures!

How to prepare the parcel to plant rice              Rice ready to be planted


Planted in row                    Always happy to visit the Green Valley   


                                           and eat some Mme Francis(mangoes)  

Can we improve our production and make it wortwhile for anyone else to love also the Valley? That may be the goal of “Gran Neg Nan Plante”


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Remember we just had 2 visitors in Haiti to explore and analyze the feasability of a Project at Charite/ Petite Riviere Artibonite/ Pearl Village. As we are visiting we are investigating also the Concept of TA=REVA or Tourisme+Agriculture=Renewal of the Artibonite Valley.

So let us think Agriculture now:

I  am not an expert in anything and you may think in that case of a dyslexic behavior but somehow it fits the purpose. That is why you have to understand the dynamic and why some may talk plan and write projects, others like to discuss and fine tune projects around a glass of wine or even some Barbancourt and design it while finally the rest market, finance, implement or construct. I am a deconstructivist and that helps me evaluate the actions better and contemplate the Final Wonder or could it have been otherwise?

Which Team you want to be in—-because each one of you has a golden opportunity to answer to Mr. JFK: “Do not ask what the government or your country can do for you but ask what you can do for your Country”—So what is holding you? Fear of been rejected or misunderstood—? Buy some Caret Shell! and call MC Hammer!! “Can’t touch this”! my Friends

Here are some pictures of the life in the Valley!


Transport jusqu’a Carrefour Peye or Pont Sonde    Meeting before going to clean an irrigation canal


Cleaning of a canal by one group                          Pont Sonde and the Artibonite River


                              The Market at Pont Sonde on The Bridge on a Wednesday Morning





June 22, 2010

Let us continue with the Trip and revisit the Concept of TA=REVA

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Yes talking still Tourism in Haiti, you have to visit the way to Malpasse and see the Azuei Lake—What a beauty and so peaceful view!!

That was our Thursday June 10, 2010





                                                     Lac Azuei

The 26 members of The Interim Commission for the Reconstruction of Haiti (HRIC).

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Here’s the list of the 26 members of The Interim Commission for the Reconstruction of Haiti (HRIC).A: Haitian Party1. SEM Mr. Jean Max Bellerive, Prime Minister, Co-Chairman
2. Lucien Francoeur (Chamber of Deputies)
3. Lucien Jean Bernard (Senate of the Republic)
4. Dr. Reginald Boulos (Business Sector)
5. Georges Henry Son (Judicial)
6. Gary Lissade (Judicial)
7. Jean Claude Lebrun (Trade Union)
8. Joseph G. Louis (Local authorities)
9. Raoul Pierre Louis (Local authorities)
10. Ms Suze Percy (Executive)
11. Dr. Marie George Solomon (Executive)
12. Claude Jeudy (Executive)
13. Dr. Jean Rénald Clérismé (Executive)

B: International Party
1. President William Jefferson Clinton, co-chair
2. Mr. Percival J. Patterson, CARICOM
3. Mr Pierre Duquesne, France
4. Cheryl Mills, United States of America
5. Cristina Barrios, Spain
6. Alexandre Abrantes, World Bank
7. Stefano Manservisi, European Union
8. David Moloney, Canada c
9. Mr. Francisco Arias Cardenas, Venezuela
10. Antonio Ferreira, Brazil
11. Helen Clark, UN
12. Mr. Luis Alberto Moreno, IDB
13. Mr. Halvor Saetre, Norway - COMMISSION TO PREPARE

II . - Members of the CIHR, appointed, cannot vote
1. Rose Anne Auguste Marie Caramel (national NGOs)
2. Joseph Bernadel (Haitian Diaspora) - COMMISSION TO PREPARE
3. Philippe Bécoulet (INGOs)
4. Ricardo Seitenfus, OAS

I.-HRIC HRIC Members appointed: Voting





Cosh News!

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June 21, 2010

Trip to Haiti/ Pearl Village at Charite/ Petite Riviere Artibonite!!!

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 Tabarre Monday Night

Pearl Village 1st Visitor’ s Trip

Since Diaspo Village name had been change to Pearl Village with the
agreement between the partners, we decided to bring some expert analysts
to Haiti to evaluate the feasibility of such endeavor. Because after some expenses it is time to take a good look at our dream: “a)Create a
corner that will favor the return of the Rivartibonitians of the Diaspora
and their kids;b)since the disaster of January 12 facilitate the acceptance
of few Port au Princiens to experience an agricultural area life c)
finally invite some international investors to accompany us in that quest
for a better tomorrow”.
Mr. Fifi and Mr. Jackson accepted the invitation and after all the red
tape clearance from a busy life along with families and friends took the
air to visit Haiti on June 6th 2010: one the 1st time(June 7th) and the
other one 40 years later(June 6th) via AA. After one day stop in Port au
Prince and looking at the everyday lamentation of the Haitian people under
the hot tents while their kids are playing all day under that torching sun
it was time to continue with the two hours trip to our final destination.
I have to start by thanking the Minister of the Diaspora Mr. Edwin
Paraison along with his secretary Mrs. Mie Yolaine Montfort for the warm
welcome. In Petite Riviere Artibonite we were received by the Mayor
adjoint Mr. Pierre Trujillo, the Ex Mayor Mr. Luc Wans Duvalsaint, the Asec of
the 3rd Section of the Commune Mr. Estimable along with other notables
including one of the Directors of EDH in the Region Mr. Fernand Clermont. After a
short stop at that historical Presbytery to eat with Father of the
Paroisse Reverend Maurice Christophe we have to finally reach
Charite/Labadie(3rd Section) and see the crowd that waited under the tent
and trees from 10.00 AM until 2.00pm just to welcome us and question our

 Our Hat goes to Lolo and Gary for the gathering event with Table
and chairs in the middle of nowhere and a D/J that kept the block Party
going until we leave.
On behalf of the group I want to thank all of you for a job well done. Our
visitors were very impressed by this organized welcome event and I thank
all the participants that accept to stay until the end.

Special thanks to Mr.Lucien Rollin Delva the actual Mayor which in in his wise request had question: “will something be possible without the investors seing for themselves what we are talking about”?

Thanks also to Mr Augustin,Danes, Lorsia, Mr Desroches, Pere Miguel and Ti Nem.

To Mr. Fifi and Mr. Jackson there no word can express the gratitude of Lolo and myself—– for your will and desire to help us analyse and see clearly which way to go in that region with our Dream have no price. Thanks for the trust, it means a lot.

Thank you
Claire M. Guillaume
  Wednesday morning after breakfast/ PresbytereCharite Meeting Tuesday Afternoon

June 20, 2010

Happy Father’s Day!! to all

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After the win —- of Brazil I can come back to earth and wish you all a Happy Father’s Day to all my Brazil fans and even the Argentins!

Happy Day to all

Support or Soupape to Port au Prince

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Tourism+Agriculture yes and these applied to anywhere in Haiti especially in that Artibonite Valley where you have both possibilities. Better roads and all the other infrastructures will make this Valley a noyau full of history to revisit and agricultural/ shipment possibilities of produce all over the country mostly rice and vegetables. The possibilities are there my friends, have some Love, Hope and Faith and you will make or contribute to wonders.

The train once start will not stop on the way. It will be an express to Progress and we hope you will not make a mishaps. Sons and grandsons along with daughters, granddaughters, friends cannot wait to see Haiti and explore it from North to South and East to West. Should we not welcome them with open arms to help us rebuild. Are we prepare to absorb that influx and make them want to come back? We need guest houses, motels, hotels restaurants, play grounds, guides, transportation system sure etc to satisfied them. Other places need to be prepared to help Port au Prince receive students, visitors, families ect that need to return and grieve their losses or help to rebuild or just to study the different aspects of that disaster.


Welcome to my Hope of a Sunny Day!

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Welcome to my Hope of a Sunny Day and better days with Akon while still singing: “Freedom”. My Friends are you ready to walk, work, rock or Hip-Hop with me?

No time to cater any Il Divo since Princess Queen says the work is for now or never and in Haiti not around the corner of a cool place even outside under a pine tree in the Diableret. After the break in South Africa at some soccer game your place my friend is in Haiti. One day in a month just think of how you will make it a better place and erase forever this nightmare.

Because TA=REVA or Tourism+Agriculture=Renewal of the Artibonite Valley and je ne reve pas (I am not dreaming)–the effect will decongest somehow Port au Prince for a better Reconstruction even by 100 people. After all they will rest peacefully in the “Pearl Village” at Charite/ 3eme Section Labadie/ Commune Petite Riviere Artibonite.


So what’s up? What’s down?—-Haiti—You are so Beautiful like Akon will say—Just having a tough time—–And Ecclesiast said: “That too will pass” because all is dust in the wind.

 “Hang in there and never Give up” We love you!!!

June 19, 2010

Diaspora Haitienne!

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June 15, 2010

Mes condoleances a toute la famille!

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Mr Rejean a ete un tres bon ami de tante Fanie qui avait bien sa boutique a l’angle de la rue Paul Eugene Magloire et la rue Louverture. Il etait une des personnes qui de tout coeur participait aux festivites comme aux funerailles de la Petite Riviere. Il etait tres sensible a ce qui se passait autour de lui. En l’observant c’etait un citoyen tres concerne.

Je regrette bien n’avoir pas pu rester a la Petite Riviere le jour de sa mort pour au moins saluer la famille vu que mon passage etait simplement d’un apres midi. Alors du courage a toute la famille et sinceres condoleances.

Paix a l’ame de Mr Rejean!

Claire M. Guillaume

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