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March 31, 2010

Thy will be done!

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Are you watching!

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or if you have a TV and Comcast Network

Go to 104 it is live on TV

March 30, 2010

Paul Farmer at Barry University!

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Paul Farmer at Barry: NGOs Aren’t Doing Enough to Help Haitian People

We had been saying on that site: Job Creation before the Quake, after the Quake and even more now Post consequences of the Quake: 1/2 skills mentorship and 1/2 money to revitalize every where and take the load off Port au Prince. Plenty of Land to build but people will need Job to survive wherever they go.along with Good school for their kids, healthcare access and same as government services so in other word: a Decentralized Haiti with basic needs met!!!


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Ref : Colloque de Miami 16-18 avril 2010

Date : 30 Mars 2010—March30, 2010 


Dans le cadre des efforts déployés par différents secteurs pour la reconstruction d’Haïti, la Coalition pour le Sauvetage d’Haïti (COSH) organise un colloque sur le thème Santé et Développement, qui se tiendra à Miami du 16 au 18 avril 2010, à l’Hôtel The Embassy Suites, à l’aéroport de Miami. Le colloque débutera  le vendredi 16 avril à 4:30pm. 

Ce colloque pluridisciplinaire réunira une pléiade de professionnels d’Haïti et de la diaspora d’horizons divers. Il se déroulera sous forme d’ateliers de travail où les participants auront l’occasion de réfléchir ensemble sur les voies et moyens de réhabiliter le système de santé sévèrement ébranlé par le séisme de 12 janvier dernier et de formuler des pistes de solutions concrètes et pragmatiques ainsi que sur des moyens d’assistance.

A la veille de la conférence des donateurs qui se fera à New-York aux Nations Unies, la Coalition voudrait que ces donateurs et les leaders haitiens présents et futurs prêtent attention aux résolutions qui seront publiées après ce colloque. Car elle croit que la santé est le premier des biens et que sans elle Haïti ne pourra pas se développer.

De plus, la santé est un droit humain tout comme les autres droits humains reconnus par les Nations Unies.

COSH prie aussi les bureaux consulaires américains en Haïti de délivrer promptement des visas à tous ceux qui veulent voyager jusqu’à Miami en vue de participer à cet important colloque.

____________ _________ _________ _________ _______


Coalition For Saving Haiti Holds Symposium To Voice Haiti’s Health Care Needs

Prior to the devastating January earthquake that  hit Haiti, mainly the over-populated capital of Port-Au-Prince, nearly half of Haiti’s 8 million citizens did not have access to basic health care needs (PAHO ).  After the 7.0 earthquake , the number of people without health care jumped to a horrific figure as the ailing healthcare infrastructure took a severe hit.  

The Coalition for Saving Haiti announces its Haiti Relief Symposium with Priority Health April 16-18th in Miami Florida at the Embassy Suites Hotel Miami International Airport. 3974 NW South River Drive, Miami, Florida, 33142. The event will begin at 4:30 PM, EDT and all are encouraged to attend.  

Haitians inside or outside of Haiti, friends of Haiti, scholars, community leaders, and healthcare professionals will gather at this symposium to delve into the issues and challenges related to providing healthcare and basic needs to the people of Haiti, and into ways and means to provide their assistance in the building of a new Haitian health system capable of solving the extreme and urgent health problems of the Haitian people.

The Haiti Relief symposium will consist of workshops covering topics from Health obstacles in Haiti to the sociopolitical climate causing more strain on the health care system.

On the eve of the donators’ conference being held in New-York at the United Nations, the Coalition asks those donators, current and future Haitian leaders to pay attention to the resolutions that would come out of this health symposium.  For, it believes and reminds all that Health is the first of all riches and without it Haiti cannot progress.

Health is also a human right among the other human rights recognized by the United Nations.

COSH respectfully asks the American consulate in Haiti to diligently issue entry visas to all who want to travel to Miami to take part in this important health symposium.

Carl Gilbert, MD, HaitiCosh
P.O. BOX 1827,

Benton, AR 72018
Phone # 501.830.3036

Other Contact:

Carlyn Richardson

Department of Family and Child Studies, Miami University, Oxford, OH

richarcm@muohio. edu

Take a day for yourself and join Unique Creations for Expressions of the Caribbean

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If you would like a booth at that show Please call for infos and see you there!

After the “Haiti with Love” we are evolving with “COSH”

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So what is COSH please read and watch the video sent by Haitian Renaissance!

On Chapter 3 of the”Celestine Vision”

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Mr James Redfield talk about: Understanding where we are.

Not only who we are is important but also: Where we are so on page 33:

 ” For some of us the long story of history that ends in this moment of observation is merely a litany of economic and technological progress. But for more of us every day, history is becoming a more psychological question. How did we come to live like this? How was our every day reality shaped and formed by those who came before us? Why do we believe who we believe?—————————–An accurate understanding of History gives our awareness of the world depht and substance. It hovers around all that we see like a frame of meaning that tells us who we are and gives us a reference point for where we seem to be heading—-And from replacing the Medieval Cosmology —–to the Anxiety of Lostness—the Emergence of Science—-To the Materialistic Universe—-The Enlightment Solution—-To Living the Longer Now on page 44:

” At the fall of medieval age, we lost our sense of certainty about who we were and what our existence meant. So we invented a scientific method of inquiry and sent this system out to find the truth in our situation but science seemed to splinter into a thousand faces, unable to immediately bring back a coherent picture.

In response we push away our anxiety by turning our focus to practical endeavors, reduced life to its economic aspects only, and finally entered a collective obsession with the practical, material aspect of life, As we have seen, scientists set up a world view that reinforced this obsession and for many centuries became lost in it themselves”:

The cost:Narrowing experience and the Repression of Higher spiritual Perception.

That materialistic mind always makes great experience pass you by —- but with a conscious living you will go deeper and not miss out on better opportunities because the Love out there is also for you!

March 29, 2010

Even God was present except you!

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In his Love, God show us his presence since that cloudy day became windy and cool but the rain is happening today and not the 28 of March. However you my brothers and sisters were not au “rendez vous”. This park could hold 25000 people and it was a pain seing so many cars going for the cricket game while our lane for the festival was not that full.

I understand the way you feel since I had family members that were lost in that disaster but through common love not only from others but also from ourselves we will keep the work going for that great reconstruction. I know the tradition of mourning for a year or two but we have to trust somehow that only good can come out after all that suffering and not let the grieving mind take over. That is where the conscious living take effect. Through ups and downs support what is being done around you. Would you like to see Haiti as before January 12—-No—-So my friends the work had just begun toward that Renewed Haiti and will you be part of it?

A Special Thanks to Commissioner Holness/ The City of Lauderhill and the Organizing Teams along with the Vendors, the Artists, Media and the Park—-You did a wonderful —Fantastic Job!!! And to all the Fans that came to support, hats off to you—You came early and stay to the end Thank You!

March 27, 2010

To Haiti with Love!

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Yes all we need is Love to make it happen—-Bring your Love tomorrow for support—-We still need that to make it a success—-And Haiti depends on each of these successes—-So will you be there against all odds to sing “Abo” for Haiti with Nu Look or will you say far away: Love is all we need but as usual do not count you?

So be part of the Love and come to the Park!

for more info go to: or call: 1-888-655-0888

Come to the Teleconference tomorrow from 11AM to 12.00PM!

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Do you have something to contribute?  Do you wish to find out what initiatives some of your compatriots have undertaken? Please join us for a one-hour meeting this Saturday, March 27th at 11 a.m.
Just call 218-862-1300, Code: 641699. We will be waiting for you.


Florence Bastien

March 26, 2010

To Haiti with Love Benefit Concert!

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Last hours for your tickets before going up tomorrow night!

Go to:

or call: 1888-655-0888

Still Enjoying the “Celestine Vision with James Redfield”

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Let’s keep talking about experiencing the coincidences like: “Information coming at the right time—that sense of everything around us becoming brighter and luminous”

“How the information arrives is always a mystery. But it is always a human being’s perspective, research, or idea about the world that comes to us just at the right moment to expand our awareness”————

“As we begin to perceive the coincidences in our lives, the mystery brings us face to face with the deeper spiritual question of life. What is this force that seems to be pulling us toward our destiny” Is there a divine purpose for our lives? How this purpose revealed to us exactly? That is where religious tradition comes into play———————————————————–The general dialogue between the various religion as vague and fragmented as it is, nonethless is critical to our ongoing evolution toward a better overall spiritual understanding—- Synchronicity as well as the new spiritual awareness is merely a consciousness of the way the divine operates in our lives.” Pages 24 to 28

It is such a delight when one may finally understand fully and come to that Trust. And truly say: If God go always before us and show us the way who can fully harm us? Faith, Hope and Love!!!

March 25, 2010

This Saturday 27th of March Teleconference!

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We will be waiting for you as usual from 11.00AM to 12.00PM

Come and tell us what you had been doing to survive and also help someone else survive. Beside tell us about your plan in all that is happening around you!

More info will come from Haitian Renaissance!

Still Conscious Living! James Redfield “The Celestine Vision!

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Chapter 2—Page 13 to 16

“Experiencing the Coincidences”

“Meaningful coincidences can happen at any moment.

Few of us can look back at our lives and not see a pattern of synchronicity in the mysterious events  that transpired to bring us our career, our spouse or network of friends and alliances on which we rely. Much more difficult is the perception of such important life events in the present as they happen.

Our personal challenge is to overcome the cultural conditioning that leads us to reduce life to the ordinary, commonplace and nonmysterious. Most of us have learned to pursue life with our egos alone, waking up in the morning and thinking we must take control of our day. We create inflexible mental lists of projects we intend to accomplish, and pursue these ends with a kind of tunnel vision. Yet the mystery is always there, dancing around the fringes of our lives, giving us fleeting glimpses of possibility. We must decide to slow down and shift our focus, and begin to act on the opportunity coming our way”.

Is that book talking to me or to you?

Have a great Day!!!

March 24, 2010

A morning with James Redfield

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On page 11 in the Celestine Vision one may read:

“The universe truly seems to be set up as a platform for the actualization of our deepest and most heartfelt aspirations. It is a dynamic system propelled by nothing less than the constant flow of small miracles. But there is a catch. The universe is built to respond to our consciouness, but it will give back only the level of quality that we put in. Therefore, the process of discovering who we are and what we are here to do and of learning to follow the mysterious coincidences that can guide us is dependant, to a great extent, on our ability to stay positive and find the silver lining in all events”.

There is no way one may do that without that Almighty One at your side to keep your brain going and understand his power in the good and bad time. Quitting or hiding will not help since that awareness is lively. This is why know who you are will help fulfill what God had in plan for you. From now on: Conscious living for you and your surrounding a must!!!

March 23, 2010

Please have a nice lecture!

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Haiti reconstruction plan highlights

Stay Focus while Dreaming and Fly with me!

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Because the TA=REVA or Tourism+Agriculture=Renewal Economic of the Valley Artibonite!

No I am not dreaming while saying that because no one can erase the roots of who we are. No past denial can make up for anything. We have to embrace our patrimoine with pride and make the best of our future while they are part integral of our make up. And the Artibonite Region is the psychological embryo of that story. And like all Nation we have a past beautiful or ugly it is ours. We have to embrace it and move on and tell it on all folk stories to any tourists(our children in the diaspora) that want to be knowledgeable of who we really are and why we are so resilient and have a mind of survivors in the quest of finally being recognize as naturally challenged but richs that refuse to die poors.

We have to start planning with experts at our side—create the best while showing the best unknown and serve the best natural organic no chemical food. And for that reason we need an Agricultural System up to date that protect our environment because the Artibonite region should not be experimental—

So Artibonite are you ready—From Gonaives, Marchand, St Marc, Verrettes, La Chapelle, Savanne a Roches are you ready to learn, work, produce only the best and sing with Akon:”I am so paid”. So no mind set other than Mentorship Mind because we say never again we should go hungry in a so fertile Valley. We want 1/2 survival skills—1/2 Money to create a Tourism ans Agro Businesses. Contract should reflect diversity of the workers and no exclusion of the people please because continuous education is a vital point not the aid only and the rest will be once again History!!

You have the right to agree or not! It is your right!!!!

A very talented Haitian artist living in South Florida!

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March 19, 2010

Y aviez vous pense?

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Oui 19 Mars 2009 aux Cayes c’etait la fete a l’inauguration de FAS Resto, un Restaurant Communautaire qui devait servir de cantine en cas d’inondation—-En souvenez vous?

Remettez votre ouvrage 20 fois— et ca ira mieux pour en finir!!!

Happy Anniversary!


Kinbe la!

At your own risk!

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In the meantime we keep singing with Akon:

“Over the Edge or Freedom”

what is IQ and EQ

So which one of the 2 types of intelligence and what type of Leadership is promoted? Beside which type is needed for Haiti in term of Leadership for a Free and Progressive Country? Case study to follow because at this site we are promoting Social/ Integrated / Inclusive Attitude or Actions !!!

Happy Birthday Mr Web Administrator!

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Russel how the days fly by for you?

Playing soccer feel the same man!

So keep enjoying life for age is just a number!

May all your wishes come true and Thank you!

March 18, 2010

For the Benefit concert ticket: To Haiti with Love Benefit

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Please call: 1-888-695-0888

Jews and Haitians: A Forgotten History!

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Do we Haitians of today really know who we are beside the few that is said about us and most of the time—- negative? The British may know more about us from their Libraries than we have in Haiti itself and beside with all the catastrophes destroying our past, it is time for us to finally find our true story. It may not be pretty from all sides but what happened and why one may have the attitude of a marroon than of an open minded but at the same time the capability to have that extrasensorial perception of whatever come close to  is not from an inertia braindead person. So we need more research in that sense and please spare me the studies of peasants versus citadins. We need well founded with evident analysis —- no more voye monte please or stay away please. So Historic Library should be a vital element in Haiti’s Reconstruction—-Thank you very much—-From Africa to Haiti, all countries that made us the way we are should be helpful in that sense because no money or pity will save us from destroying back if we do not know and understand so we may correct any behaviors. Do not pretend it is this or that mostly about religion. We have to accept and assume our sufferings and like the Jews continue to study, find the truth, demand or give explanations (if necessary apologies in the case of Haiti )because believe it  this form of healing calm and work and help fade anger.

Beside it is only now that we are starting to figure out what ressources are in Haiti’s soil and if you find out and understand that you are also “gifted” will any passing by stop you in your course of History with tricks? I hope you may find the courage and not be a dopy to say: Show me the agreement and the money!!! and never forget you are Independant entity living in a global context and your Freedom was not for Free!

Welcome to a Sunny Day/ e-soap!

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Love lost and Found— from KEPI

“The boardroom was full of buzz when Celena walk in, all eyes were on her as she make her way to her seat; she felt like she was being judged for what she did not know. As she sat down she wondered what was being said about her. Have they found out her past relationship with Lance? The only people that knew about that fact was Lance and Wilma, Lance’s wife. She suddenly wondered about how could she let one man destroy her beliefs and her principles. She loved him so much and it still hurts while he does not feel the same and it shows since he is still with his wife.”

So to all my gossiper friends out there stand by for this juicy e-soap from KEPI

March 17, 2010

“O so Beautiful Haiti”!

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Your today’s children born free

Know no other way than to exist and to be 

Still amazed at that natural beauty

While artists translate naturally and plentifully

From the valleys to the Mountain Tops

So the ones by the Pink Flamingo Plots

All can hear the spoken words just for you made

Or the music from a broken heart ache

Because of living so far of ”O so Beautiful Haiti”!!!

“Link and Transform Communities” through History, Culture and Art(NWI)

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Continuons officiellement avec les Cayes!


      La ville des Cayes est le Chef-lieu du Département du Sud. Elle est la troisième ville de la Républiqued’Haïti. La ville des Cayes est plate et bien tracée. Située environ 194 Kms ou 120 milesde Port-au-Prince, elle a une superficie de 259,10 km2 et une population de plus de 75 000 Ha. La Centreville est limité au Nord par la rivière de L’Islet et le bois L’Étal, à l’Est par la mer des Antilles, à L’Ouest Par la ravine du Sud, très dangereuse quand elle est en crue.


(Cayes is the 3rd Haitian City and the Capital of the South. It is flat . It is 120 miles




 from Port au Prince with an area of ( to be verified)—–Populaton of———– 

Frontiers of the Town Center: North by Islet River and the Wood l’Etal, Caribbean Sea in the East, in the West by a creek/ river called Ravine of the South very dangeureuse after the rain.(tomorrow for exact area and population after verification )


La ville des Cayes   comprend 6 Sections communales: (Cayes has 6 Counties)












































Les Quartiers Populaires au Centre de la Ville des Cayes: (Names of different subdivisions of the City)

La Savane, Ti-còq, La Charité, Grand Gabions, Petit Gabions, Cité Militaire, Cité Union, Cité Oxfam, Derrière Fort, la ravine, DeMapou, Pont Centre, Ka Desi, Derrière du Cimetière, Fort L’Islet, Quatre Chemin.


Attractions touristiques:(Site Touristic)

  • Fort desPlatons
  • Grottes de Counoubois (Camp Perrin)
  • Grottes Marie-Jeanne (Port à Piment)
  • Iles à Vaches
  • De très jolies plages comme la fameuse plage de Gelée, la Plage de Port-Salut(Famous beaches
  • Les 500 Marches (Coteaux, lieu de pèlerinage)-The 500 Stairs in Coteaux 

Fêtes populaires aux Cayes et environs:(Festivals)

  • Festival de la Rivière(Cavaillon)
  • Festival de Gelée (Les Cayes)
  • Fête de Sainte Anne (Camp Perrin)
  • Jeudi Saint (Plage de Port-Salut)

Distance des autres villes et communes:(Distance from other Cities)

  • Cap-Haïtien: 471 km
  • Jérémie: 97 km (route en construction)
  • Port-au-Prince: 196 km
  • Port Salut: 27 km

Please check Metric Conversion in the net for miles



  • Radio Télévision Cayenne
  • Radio Lumière
  • Radio Macaya
  • Radio Men Kontre
  • Radio Télévision Cayenne
  • Radio Télévision de la Métropole Sud Plus (RTMS)
  • Voix des Paysans du Sud (Voice of the Peasants of the South)

Patronne de la ville:(Saint)

  • Notre-Dame de l’Assomption fêtée le 15 Août(Our Lady of the Assumption-Feast Day August 15)

a noter que sur le corpra site c’etait 2002 et 9 departements. Actuellement nous avons 10 departments including the Nippes so will bring at a later time the updated version.

Penny for Sanity!

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Mr Lacoste Dejoces artiste d’Acdart pret a aider aux participants du Centre—-


Drawings donated by a nurse at MRH and craft materials donated by the employees at MRH for the

Penny for Sanity Program and in PRA since yesterday. You do not need millions to make a difference

in the life of those in difficulty. Just help them survive those cloudy days and show them the way to

see the light and hope to truly sing Freedom with Akon.

Thanks and forever grateful!

Omission! or Retention!

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Dans l’Histoire des Cayes publiee hier, j’ai omis de traduire la derniere phrase du 1er paragraphe. C’etait calculee.

La question est:: l’aviez vous remarquee? Aviez vous pose la question aussi: Pourquoi cette ville en 1540 avait ete abandonnee?  et d’apres la reponse que faut il faire maintenant?

“Si une compagnie du Senegal doit venir aider a resoudre ce probleme devra t on ceder au Senegal—- Port Salut en retour? ou plutot avoir un contrat que les deux parties devront respecter sinon specifier l’enjeu. Et alors si les avocats de Senegal ou des Cayes ne suffisent pas pourquoi ne pas faire appel aux avocats de Mars ou de St Marc”? puisque toutes les lignes doivent etre comprises avant de signer quoi que ce soit.

March 16, 2010

Pour vous detendre un peu!

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Profil de la Ville des Cayes!

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Oui nous parlons toujours de la ville des Cayes sur ce site mais alors qui sont ils? ou ca se trouve en Haiti


Status ET histoire: (History)

  • Apparemment la ville des Cayes fut fondée en 1726 selon un plan dressé par M. de la Lance sur l’emplacement d’un bourg espagnol nommée Salvatierra de la Zabana (Terre sauvée des eaux) fondée en 1503. Cette ville fut abandonnée en 1540. (Founded in 1726 the city’s plan was done by Mr de la Lance at the same place where there was a littlespanish town called Salvatierra de la Zabana or (Land saved from waters) that was founded in 1503)
  • Troisième ville d’Haïti et chef-lieu du Département du Sud(3rd City of Haiti and the Capital of the South) 
  • Arrondissement avec 5 communes (5 Counties)
  • Siège du Diocèse des Cayes: (Main Place of the Archidiocese of the South)
    Mgr. Guire Poulard : Evêque du diocèse.
    .- Mgr. Alix Verrier : Evêques émérite

Nom des habitants:(People are called)

  • Cayen, Cayenne (Same)
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