Gran Neg Nan Plante


    From Subsistence To Prosperity Farming 

 Gran Neg Nan Plante brings new innovative,   
 agricultural concepts to Haitians farmers. Gran  
 Neg Nan Plante is creole for Farming for Wealth.  
 Instead of farming to barely sustain oneself the  
 aim is to develop a local system whereby, the 
 farmers will know what he or she has in terms of 
 assets and capital and how to accumulate and generate more. GNNP will train farmers to the latest agricultural techniques and provide them with technical staffs and tools to assist them along the way. GNNP will also show the farmers how to budget and put a net worth on their trees, livestock, and lands.

GNNP center is also equiped with video materials on composting, planting or
growing large varieties of crops, soil treatment and preservation, and fertilizers. farmers can come on week end for lectures, seminars, and entertainment.
In other words, GNNP will train farmers to leave behind the subsistence
farming and engage in farming for wealth and prosperity.

Gnnp will develop also a program to encourage Haitian students to chose farming as a career choice.