Committee for the Restoration of Commune Petite Riviere Artibonite, Haiti    






CORPRA is a non-profit organization, non political, whose mission is to reach out  to all Rivartibonitians and friends of Petite Riviere Artibonite, and with the  coordinated efforts of its members, in collaboration with other humanitarian organizations, the private and public sectors, contribute to the economical, social, and technological development of Commune Petite Riviere Artibonite, Haiti.

Founded in Fort Lauderdale , Florida on November 25, 2001 , CORPRA is without ambivalence a non political organization. It has not been, its not, and will never be a matter of supporting a political party or a politician. Our main objective is to help our Towns, neglected and abandoned by most of our parents, brothers, sisters.

Artistes de Reminiscences
Gran Neg Nan Plante


  ARENY and ARRC are two
  sister organizations based in
  New York City and Montreal, 

  937 SW 49th Ave
  Plantation, Florida 33317
  Phone No: 954-450-5494


CORPRA is a 501c3 non-profit organization. All your donations are tax deductible. Please DONATE
to ship the Ambulance to Petite Rivire.

About Your Donations
Because your involvement is important to the success of CORPRA, we acknowledge the contributions and moral support of some individuals and private businesses.  They've placed their trust in the association from day one. We'll make every effort to rally all Rivartibonitians and friends around CORPRA. We'll strive to convince the pessimists and the  agnostics. 

CORPRA certainly intends to advance the cause of Commune Petite Riviere Artibonite. It is an uphill battle. With your continuing support, however, we (CORPRA, you, and Petite Riviere) will win. Someday, people living in the city of Petite Riviere wont have to travel miles away to neighboring cities to photocopy a document. Tourism will flourish, bringing a flow of economical and social activities. The list can go on and on. 

We are accepting application for membership. 

Fill out the short form below to contact us. It's not required  that an applicant be from Petite Riviere Artibonite to join CORPRA. 


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  Our gratitude to the following
  individuals and entities! They
  financed the
first phase of the
project to light up with solar 
  energy the public square in
  the city of Petite Riviere

  A Good Samaritan 
  Abundant Life Health
      and Fitness Center

  Alfred Nader

  Andre Simeus
  Atanase Chavannes

  Antoine Saget
  Auguste Saint-Eloi

  C & G Productions
  Claire Guillaume

  Devais Azor

  Dr. Daumont
  Edrix Dorvil

  Evena Guillaume
  Fritz Bolivar
  Gladys Guillaume
  Guy Jumelle

  Jacques Jerome
  Jacques Morisset de Saint  
  Joseph R. Volcy
  Lionel Grand-Pierre
  Luthes Isaac
  Marc A. Grand-Pierre
  Mme. Smith Volcy
  P�lte Gabriel
  Pierre F. Jerome de 
  Memorial Regional Hospital
     group in  Hollywood
  Rony Horat
  Yanick Julien
  Yves Gresseau

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